15 Great DIY Projects Using Marble Contact Paper

Marble placemat DIY

Sugar and Cloth

Ordinary contact paper printed with a marble design can be used for remarkable effects in the hands of a creative crafter. With careful work, many pieces of furniture and many home accessories can receive a convincing marbleized look. 

Almost any object with a smooth, uniform surface can accept self-adhesive contact paper. For an even better stick on very slippery surfaces, use a spray-on adhesive, such as Sikkens contact adhesive, to apply the contact paper. 

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    Marble Table Top

    DIY Marble Table Top

    Do you have your heart set on a gorgeous marble piece, such as Knoll's Saarinen dining table with a gorgeous tulip base and marble top? Maybe it's the $2,500 price tag that causes you to look away. But you can make a remarkably similar table using Ikea's Docksta tulip table and ordinary marble contact paper. 

    This DIY Marble Table Top is from the Poppytalk creative studio and blog, based in Vancouver, B.C. and founded by Jan Halvarson and Earl Einars.

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    Marble and Copper Notebook

    DIY Marble And Copper Notebook
    The Lovely Drawer

    Update the stationery for your office by applying marble and copper contact paper over the existing covers of notebooks.

    This DIY Marble and Copper Notebook project comes from Teri at The Lovely Drawer blog. 

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    Marble Photo Frame

    DIY Marble Photo Frame
    Plateful of Love

    Create a beautiful marble frame to frame your favorite black and white prints. In this simple but luxurious DIY project, photo frames are covered with strips of marble contact paper.

    This idea for a DIY Marble Photo Frame is courtesy of the Plateful Of Love crafter's blog. 

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    Marble Planters

    DIY Marble Planters
    Fall For DIY

    Add some greenery to your home by grouping together a few small plants in these outstanding marble planters, made by wrapping empty food cans with ordinary marble contact paper.

    These DIY Marble Planters come from Francesca at the Fall For DIY website.

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    Marble and Gold Plates

    DIY Marble And Gold Plates
    Sugar And Cloth

    For your next dinner party, serve your guests on a set of these sophisticated marble and gold plates, made yourself by covering wooden circle plaques with marble contact paper. Adding heat-transfer gold vinyl creates the decorative edge.

    These DIY Marble and Gold Plates are courtesy of Ashley Rose's Sugar And Cloth blog, based in Houston, TX. 

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    Marble Contact Paper Decorative Boxes

    DIY Marble Contact Paper Decorative Boxes
    Homey Oh My

    Get ​organized by adding some decorative marble storage boxes to your home. They make a perfect accent for your desk or bookcase, providing a place to store all those small trinkets you have been collecting. To keep the boxes affordable, this project uses inexpensive marble contact paper for the luxurious finish on handmade paper boxes.

    These DIY Marble Contact Paper Decorative Boxes come from the Homey Oh My blog.

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    Marble Side Table Makeover

    Marble Side Table
    Splendor Styling

    Update a set of nesting tables to a brand-new appearance by painting the legs by painting the legs gold and applying marble contact paper to the tabletops. The result is a set of ultra-posh side tables for the living room. This project also makes a perfect hack for inexpensive IKEA nesting tables. 

    This DIY Marble Side Table Makeover is from Mariella Crusado at the Splendor Styling design studio, based in the Washington, DC area.

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    Marble Contact Paper Coffee Table

    DIY Marble Contact Paper Coffee Table

    This Ikea hack is the perfect way to add a glamorous look to your living room. It's accomplished simply by covering the top and edges of Ikea's Klubbo coffee table (or any similar table) with a beautiful white marble contact paper. 

    This DIY Marble Contact Paper Coffee Table is another creative idea from Poppytalk.

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    Marble Kitchen Utensil Holder

    DIY Marble Kitchen Utensil Holder
    A Beautiful Mess

    Make a small but important update to your kitchen by making a decorative marble utensils holder to hold everyday items within easy reach on your countertop. 

    This DIY Marble Kitchen Utensil Holder comes to us from the A Beautiful Mess website, created by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, whose motto is "Stay home + make something!"

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    Faux Marble Kitchen Utensils

    DIY Faux Marble Kitchen Utsensils
    A Joyful Riot

    Update your bland wood kitchen utensils with leftover pieces of marble contact paper. Simply wrap small strips of contact paper around the handles of the kitchen utensils. It's a simple update that makes lovely utensils for serving food.

    These DIY Faux Marble Kitchen Utensils come from twin sister bloggers Malissa and Machelle at A Joyful Riot.

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    Marble Clipboard

    DIY Marble Clipboard

    Here is another great project using—you guessed it—marble contact paper! Cover the board of a clipboard with a piece of decorative marble contact paper. Paired with some DIY marble notebooks, your office will look spectacular. 

    This DIY Marble Clipboard is from DIY blogger Caroline at Burkatron.

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    Marble Coasters

    DIY Marble Coasters
    The Whimsical Wife

    Have small pieces of leftover marble contact paper laying around? They might be perfect for making a set of marble coasters for the table. Just apply pieces of contact paper to square ceramic tiles.

    These DIY Marble Coasters come to us with detailed instructions from Australian blogger Melissa, at The Whimsical Wife website.

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    Marble Coffee Table Tray

    DIY Marble Coffee Table Tray

    Cover a rectangle piece of inexpensive MDF board with marble contact paper to create a tray that is perfect for stylishly arranging coasters, candles, plants, books or other objects on your coffee table.

    This DIY Marble Coffee Table Tray is another creative project from Bukatron.

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    Faux Marble Lamp

    DIY Faux Marble Lamp
    Homey Oh My

    This quick DIY works best with a table lamp that has a smooth glass base. Wrap the base of  with beautiful marble contact paper to make a chic decorative lamp for your home. 

    This DIY Faux Marble Lamp comes to us from Amy at the Homey Oh My craft and design blog, based in Los Angeles, CA. 

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    Marble Contact Paper Envelopes

    DIY Marble Contact Paper Envelopes
    Fall For DIY

    Craft your own beautiful stationary to mail letters or invitations by making your own marble envelopes with gold liner. These embellished envelopes are the perfect way to mail out invitations for a wedding or other formal event.

    These DIY Marble Contact Paper Envelopes come from the Fall For DIY crafting web site.