11 Clay Pot Crafts

Clay Pot Chandelier

 DIY Show Off

Although it's a proven go-to for your indoor garden, the terracotta pot is much more versatile than it appears. Its signature earthy orange color, practical infinite available sizes, and easily stackable design make clay pots the perfect crafting material. So, especially if you don’t have much of a green thumb, corral your leftover terracotta pots together for any one of the interesting projects below.

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    Graduation Cap Cupcake Tower

    Graduation Cap Cupcake Stand

    Creatively Beth

    This graduation season up your party-hosting game with this easy DIY cupcake stand. A few coats of paint will transform a some clay pots and plywood into a multi-level stand. Once finished, complete the piece with festively-frosted cupcakes (go for school colors for a fully-themed grad party).

    Graduation Cap Cupcake Tower from Creatively Beth

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    Garden Wind Chimes

    Wind chime hanging from wall

    Sugar Spice and Glitter

    Bring a bit of cheery music to your yard by creating an entirely homemade wind chime. This project is perfect for kids: encourage them to bead a few lengths of leather cord (or weatherproof it by using a snipped rubber band), drip-paint a clay pot, and then have an adult step-in to assemble the wind chime.

    Garden Wind Chimes from Sugar Spice and Glitter

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    Clay Pot Frog

    Clay pot frog

    The Country Chic Cottage

    Add a bit of whimsy to your garden or entryway with this clever project. Tiny clay pots serve as perfect buggy frog eyes, and a pair of foam feet are easy enough to freehand. Tacky glue is an easy adhesive and works well with terracotta, so no need to break out the glue gun here.

    Clay Pot Frog from The Country Chic Cottage

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    Succulent Wreath

    DIY succulent wreath on side of wall

    Crafts by Courtney

    Stock up on teeny tiny terracottas for this do-it-yourself, decorative wreath. Chalky, streaky paint lends a rustic vibe to the project, and faux Spanish moss covers any bits of frame peeking out. Try using all fake plants on this piece. This’ll make sure it stays fresh-looking for as long as it hangs on your front door.

    Succulent Wreath from Crafts by Courtney

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    Color Blocked Bird Bath

    Color-blocked birdbath made of clay pots

    Kiwi Families 

    Provide a chic respite for local birds in your own yard with this homemade bird bath project; it all comes together with a couple of large clay pots, their respective saucers, and a strong adhesive.

    Pro tip: bright colors attract a variety of birds, so opt for intense hues and alternating patterns when selecting paint colors.

    Color Blocked Bird Bath from Kiwi Families

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    Flower Pot People

    Flower pot person sitting on stool in grass

    The Spruce

    This is a perfect housewarming gift for a person with a green thumb. These Flower Pot People couldn’t be cuter when on display in a front yard or herb garden. Bright, coordinating paint colors draw attention to the decoration (just be sure to seal with a weatherproof clear coat for longevity), and a climate-friendly plant completes the thoughtful gift.

    Flower Pot People from The Spruce

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    Clay Pot Chandelier

    Clay Pot Chandelier

    DIY Show Off

    While this project requires a little more time and a few more tools than the others on this list, the final product is definitely worth the effort. Spray paint works best to cover the multimedia involved in the creation of the chandelier, and bonus: the clay pots still function as planters for live fauna.

    Clay Pot Chandelier from DIY Show Off

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    Terra Cotta Pig

    Clay Pot Pig

    Six Time Mommy

    A couple of lengths of rustic twine give this cute little piggie his dangly legs, which look extra adorable when placed on a stair step. Add a homemade “welcome” sign to usher guests into your home or yard.

    Terra Cotta Pig from Six Time Mommy

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    Broken Pot Fairy Garden

    Fairy Pot Garden

    Daily Dose of Style

    Cracked pot taking up space in your garage? Salvage it with a bit of Spanish moss, a heavy-duty adhesive, and some adorable miniatures to create a whimsical, fairy-sized garden. Place the finished product in a flower garden or back patio to entice visitors to take a closer look.

    Broken Pot Fairy Garden from Daily Dose of Style

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    Clay Pot Lighthouse

    Clay Pot Lighthouse

    Crafts by Courtney 

    A solar-powered light makes this do-it-yourself lighthouse not only sweet, but functional. No wires or batteries are required when using a solar lamp, so there’s no tricky electricity to manage with this project. Just assemble and display in your garden for a little evening glow.

    Clay Pot Lighthouse from Crafts by Courtney

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    Topsy Turvy Planter and Bird Feeder

    Terracotta pots stacked as a bird feeder

    Home Stories A to Z

    Capture the whimsy of a fairy tale with this storybook-inspired combination planter and bird feeder. An iron rod keeps everything stabilized, but customize the color scheme to match your home’s exterior and aesthetic.

    Topsy Turvy Planter and Bird Feeder from Home Stories A to Z