11 Crafts for the Best Slumber Party Ever

unicorn pillow

Bugaboo City

While sleepovers are wildly fun in their own right, a few pre-planned activities can bring your overnighter to the next level. Keep slumber party guests entertained with crafts and DIYs or create keepsakes that attendees can take home in the morning as souvenirs. So pop the popcorn, bust out the sleeping bags, and get ready to host the best slumber party ever with the following fun projects.

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    Beaded Safety Pins

    beaded safety pins

    OC Register

    Sleepover guests can create teeny wearable tokens using safety pins and seed beads. Help kids design a pattern or encourage a bit of random chaos. Beaded pins can be strung onto elastic for a bracelet, or hung from another safety pin to be worn as a brooch. Because seed beads are super tiny–and therefore a bit tricky to master–this project is best for tweens and up. Beaded safety pin jewelry is versatile and fun!

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    No-Sew Fleece Tie Blanket

    Fleece Tied Blanket

    Mollie Johanson

    Grab a few yards of color-coordinated fleece, cut to size, and even make the necessary fringed ends yourself to prep for younger crafters. Kids can tie off the ends, finishing a reversible throw blanket. This one is perfect for a sleepover–guests can put their projects to the snuggle test that very evening.

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    DIY Tie-Dye

    Tie-dyed t-shirt

    Caylin Harris

    Go bold with your invitees and tie-dye tee shirts, bandanas, socks, or even pajama sets. Kids can get a bit creative with colorful dye, and adults can keep the kitchen or bathroom clean by prepping with plastic tarps, buckets for dyed items, and old rags for quick cleanup. Achieve new patterns with various folding or swirling techniques, then rinse dyed items thoroughly and allow them to dry overnight. Guests can look forward to displaying their designs over breakfast the next morning. 

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    Friendship Bracelets

    friendship bracelets

    Purl Soho

    Support positive bonding by designing fun jewelry together. Use a variety of beads and cords, and easily scaffold the activity to your guests’ age group. This clever tutorial teaches a simple pattern using contrasting threads. Throw in a few memorable charms, and guests will be empowered to make individualized pieces that represent their friendship.

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    Paper Bag Pinata

    paper bag pinata

    Lovely Indeed

    Stock up on colorful tissue paper and brown paper bags, and this project couldn't be any easier. Slumber partiers fill a sack with treats, staple it shut and get to decorating. Add stickers, ribbon, or pom poms to kick things up a notch. Enjoy cracking these pinatas open the next morning or at a future sleepover!

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    DIY Pet Rocks

    Pet rocks

    Nora Nalle

    Challenge invitees to fashion their own DIYed pets. Provide different shaped rocks, washable paint, and googly eyes, and then let creativity take over for this inexpensive craft. As a bonus, kids can take their homemade pets with them in the morning.

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    DIY Snuggie

    Make a Fleece Snuggle Blanket With Sleeves
    Mollie Johanson

    This one will be a hit with older sleepover guests, as it requires the use of a needle and thread. With a few yards of cozy fabric, guests can stitch a snuggle blanket that is ready to be put to use when they settle in for movie time. Bust out the sewing machine and help speed things along if beginning sewers need a little encouragement.

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    Melted Crayon Art

    melted crayon art

    Megan Graney

    This classic colorful craft is slumber party-ready! Grab all your crayon boxes, empty them out, and partygoers can arrange their favorite colors on a personal canvas. Pass the hair dryers around to achieve a messy art project that looks great every time.

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    Sock Puppets

    sock puppets

    Taking Care of Monkey Business

    Set a makeshift stage, provide a few fun materials, and watch kids channel their inner Shakespeares to produce a homemade puppet show. This handy tutorial includes lots of options for different takes on sock puppets; just be sure to wield the glue gun yourself around younger kids. 

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    DIY Non-Slip Slipper Socks


    Your Family

    A bit of puffy fabric paint adds just enough stick to the bottom of regular socks to turn them into slippers. Kids can add their own personal touches (think: hearts, smileys, and polka dots) or can follow a pre-patterned pair of colorful socks. Tackle this project early in the evening; most fabric paints need a few hours to fully dry. 

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    DIY Unicorn Pillow

    unicorn pillow

    Bugaboo City

    Encourage guests to customize a decorative pillow or two, using crafter-friendly no-fray fleece. For younger crafters, provide a finished blank pillow (or just a pillow case) for a canvas, then set out bits and baubles to decorate. For more experienced designers, let them start from scratch!