Free Crochet Placemat Patterns

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It's amazing how much little details (like placemats and table linens) can enhance the look of your home. They add a sense of style, telling your guests something about who you are. And they add a bit of whimsy that helps you feel cozier in your own space. Crochet placemats are also functional; they help to protect your table (or other surfaces) from spills, scratches, and scrapes.

Placemats are affordable crochet projects to make, and in the long run, a good set of placemats will usually pay for itself. Of course, you might want to make more than one set. Many people enjoy swapping out their placemats for different seasons, holidays and special occasions. With so many crochet placemat patterns to choose from, you'll never find yourself short of inspiration for your own handmade table decor. Here are some free patterns for crochet placemats. 

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    Beginner-Friendly HDC Placemat

    Crochet Placemat Free Pattern

    The Spruce / Kathryn Vercillo

    Here is an easy, basic crochet placemat that anyone could crochet. Even a beginner would have no trouble making this simple design. All that you need to know how to do is half double crochet in rows, adding a simple single crochet border to polish it off.

    However, if you are more knowledgable about crochet and want to add a fancy border, this placemat comes with instructions to add a two-round edging consisting of hdc v-stitches and wide puff stitches.

    HDC Placemat With Scalloped Lace Edging from The Spruce

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    Striped SC Placemat

    Striped SC Placemat Free Pattern

    Jessie At Home

    This is another super simple crochet placemat pattern that a beginner could easily enjoy making. It uses single crochet stitches and three different colors to create stripes, so it offers great practice in changing colors and weaving in ends.

    Striped SC Placemat from Jessie at Home

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    Red, White, and Blue Plarn Crochet Placemats

    Red, White and Blue Plarn Crochet Placemats

    Petals to Picots

    Placemats like these would make a fabulous addition to your outdoor picnic table, especially when celebrating holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July. They are made with plarn, an interesting material to upcycle for use in crocheting placemats. This free pattern also comes with instructions for complementary plarn coasters.

    Note that it's not recommended to use these placemats for hot dishes, but they're ideal when serving sandwiches, salad, pickles, or other similar picnic fares. Best of all, plarn is easy to make (for free) using readily available materials. And of course, you could opt to use different plastic bag colors to make similar crochet placemats without the red, white, and blue theme.

    Red, White, and Blue Plarn Crochet Placemats from Petals to Picots

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    Crochet Patriotic Placemat

    Crochet Patriotic Placemat Free Pattern

    Jessie At Home

    If you don't want to work with plarn but you do want to make a red, white and blue placemat, then try this cotton crochet pattern from Jessie At Home. This is an easy crochet pattern in that it's worked in single crochet stitches only, but you'll have to do some increasing and decreasing since this crochet pattern is made on the diagonal.

    Crochet Patriotic Placemat from Jessie At Home

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    Scalloped Edge Crochet Placemats

    Scalloped Edge Crochet Placemats Free Pattern

    Engineered Crochet

    This is an easy crochet pattern that works up quickly using treble crochet stitches, worsted weight yarn and a size J crochet hook. It requires only ten short rows of stitching. Then you add the simple crochet shells around the border to create a scalloped edge. Simple, beautiful, and fun to work up in a single color or an array of hues.

    Scalloped Edge Crochet Placemats from Engineered Crochet

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    Color Block Placemat

    Color Block Placemat Free Crochet Pattern

    Little Monkeys Crochet

    There are two things that make this crochet placemat stand out from so many others. First, of course, is the color blocking. This gives a super contemporary sense of style to the design. Second is the unique alternating sc and hdc stitches that give great texture to this piece. Beautiful!

    Color Block Placemat from Little Monkeys Crochet

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    Harlequin Placemat

    Harlequin Placemat Free Crochet Pattern


    Sewrella calls this the harlequin stitch but it's also known as the Catherine Wheel. Whatever you call it, this is a beautiful advanced crochet stitch that creates a stunning pattern for any project. A project as simple as a placemat becomes really special when you use a stitch like this one, especially with fun color choices like those seen here.

    Harlequin Placemat from Sewrella

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    Coastal Placemat

    Coastal Placemat Free Crochet Pattern

    Fiber Flux

    Crochet placemats are often rectangular but they don't have to be. You can put a unique twist on the style at your dinner table by using round placemats instead. This circle crochet pattern is a variation on the granny circle that incorporates smart color changes to make a brilliant design.

    Coastal Placemat from Fiber Flux

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    Jute Crochet Placemat

    Jute Crochet Placemat

    Petals to Picots

    This is another round crochet placemat, another simple circle but this time one with a scalloped shell edge that makes the design interesting. This jute crochet design brings a creative texture and rustic appeal to your table setting.

    Jute Crochet Placemat from Petals to Picots