How to Make a DIY Confetti Cannon

Confetti in popper

Caylin Harris

Getting Started

If you've got something to celebrate, we've got the perfect DIY for you! These little confetti poppers are a cinch to make because most of the supplies can be found around the house. They take almost no time at all so they're easy to make before a special occasion like a wedding or New Year's Eve. Fun for kid and adult parties, these poppers eject playful confetti without using any harmful ingredients and without making a loud noise—great if you have little ones or pets that might not like that kind of surprise.

Gather Your Supplies

Confetti popper supplies
Caylin Harris

Here's what you'll need to make your own.


  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Printed or colorful scrapbook paper
  • Balloons
  • Packing/masking tape
  • Glue dots
  • Confetti pieces/large flake glitter/ sequins


  • Scissors

Before a big occasion where you'll need several of these tubes, start getting your family to set aside toilet paper tubes. You'll be surprised how quickly you can get several. Or if you don't want to wait and it's a more last minute type of thing, you can always buy toilet paper tubes, they're available online or in your local craft store. Re-purpose when you can though! When you're choosing the pattern or color of the paper, keep the occasion in mind; you can always have kids decorate the outside with stickers or markers.

Add Balloon

Add balloon to paper tube
Caylin Harris

Start off by putting a knot at the end of the balloon in the neck. Using your scissors, cut off the top of the balloon. Be sure to remove any pieces of balloon and get rid of them immediately as these tiny pieces can be choking hazards for kids or pets. On one end of the toilet paper tube, pull the balloon over until it's taut over the opening. Pull the rest of the balloon up over the roll until it lays completely flat.

Tape on Balloon

Secure balloon to paper tube
Caylin Harris

To secure the balloon you'll want to wrap a piece of masking tape around the tube and the edge of the cut balloon. Don't be afraid to wrap extra tape around the top. Smooth and push down on the tape to make sure there's a tight seal. Don't skip this step because pulling on the balloon is how the confetti gets released into the air.

Cover with Paper

Cover with paper
Caylin Harris

To add a decorative touch, cover the outside of the toilet paper tube with pretty scrapbook paper. A subtle pattern like this works best if you're using these confetti poppers at an adult birthday party or a New Year's party. If you're making these with kids, let them choose the color paper and then let them embellish as they see fit. Measure and cut the paper to the size of the tube, wrap around the tube, and then secure with glue dots or hot glue. Then grab your confetti and add two tablespoons of it to the inside of the tube. There's no lid on this craft so while you're storing them be sure to keep them upright.

When the moment is right, grab and pull the knot on the balloon to release the confetti into the air. Yay!