DIY Cupcake Stand

Pink cupcake trays with vanilla cupcakes and confetti.

 Lauren Murphy

The latest trend to hit the party scene is transitioning away from larger-than-life cakes and opting for smaller (and cuter) cupcakes instead. It eliminates the whole cutting-the-cake hubbub and allows party guests to partake in tasty party treats whenever they like.
By far, the prettiest way to display your celebration’s cupcakes is on a cupcake stand. They’ll make your tablescape stand out, encouraging guests to dig in. Cupcake stands are the perfect way to kick your party decor up a notch, too

Pink DIY cupcake stand with vanilla cupcakes and confetti.
 The Spruce / Lauren Murphy

Somewhat surprisingly, cake and cupcake stands can be expensive when purchased at the party store. But they’re so easy to make on your own. And with DIY, you can customize your cupcake stand to match your celebration’s theme with ease. Follow along with this tutorial to make your own.

Gather Your Materials

A can of pink spray paint and a candle stick on top of a round pizza pan next to a hot glue gun.
 The Spruce / Lauren Murphy

This DIY is so simple, it only requires a few supplies. Who knows, you might have most of them in your house already. If not, just head to your local craft store to pick them up.
Here’s what you’ll need to make a cute DIY cupcake stand:


  • Candlestick
  • Spray paint
  • Pizza pan


  • Hot glue gun

Glue On Candle Stick

A glue gun ready to glue a candle stick to a pizza pan to make a cupcake stand.
 The Spruce / Lauren Murphy

Find a candlestick at your local craft or dollar store. The material isn’t extremely important—glass and metal will both work—but make sure yours has a shape that will easily stand up by itself when placed on the ground. Most candlesticks will function this way.

You can find pizza pans easily at your local big box retailer or dollar store as well. Once you have both pieces, use your hot glue gun to glue them together. Glue the skinnier part of the candlestick to the underside of the pizza pan. Allow the glue to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Paint Cupcake Stand

Cupcake stand painted pink with spray paint on newspaper.
 The Spruce / Lauren Murphy

Pick out a color of spray paint that will match the tablescape and other decorations at your celebration. Alternatively, paint it a neutral color that will go with everything so you can reuse this piece at each and every future celebration.
First, lay out a layer of newspaper or cardboard to protect the ground from the paint. Make sure to follow the instructions on your can of spray paint and always spray paint in a ventilated area—we like to head outdoors for this part.
Evenly spray

your cupcake stand with the paint and allow it to dry for at least two hours. Then, flip the stand over and spray the other side to match. Allow this side to dry completely. Repeat this process at least one more time to make sure you have a solid layer of paint.
After this, you may choose to spray a coat of sealant. Use food-safe sealant if you can. If you opt to skip this part, just make sure to always use liners on your cupcakes or cover the surface with a decorative cloth to ensure no food touches the spray paint.

Celebrate Good Times!

Pink cupcake trays with vanilla cupcakes and confetti.
 The Spruce / Lauren Murphy

There you have it. Show off your very own DIY cupcake stand at any and all celebrations for all your guests to ogle at. No one will be able to resist snagging a sweet treat from your adorable DIY trays!