DIY Gift Baskets for All Occasions

Themed gift basket with orange juice, champagne, cranberries and oranges.

Diary of a Debutante

Gifts—they’re essential for practically every celebration. But finding the one item that's perfect for your friend or family member can prove to be a puzzling task (especially if the person already has everything they need). Even if you know someone like the back of your hand, the idea of giving them the best gift possible can be daunting.

While the wow-factor of getting a brand new gadget or cute pair of shoes is through the roof, its margin for error is huge. Getting someone an extravagant gift can be risky, especially if you aren’t sure what they like. In a few weeks, it could end up forgotten in the back of their closet or, worse, tossed in the trash.

But who doesn’t love getting personal, curated gift baskets? We think they’re the perfect gift-giving solution. Instead of sticking to one stand-out item to give your friend, combine multiple items you know they’ll love and package them tastefully yourself. It’s a win for everyone.

Gift baskets can follow a theme, flaunt your own favorite products, or include fun, mismatched items. The best part about DIY gift baskets is that you can decide just what to put inside. Here are a few great DIY gift basket ideas to get you started.

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    DIY Fall Gift Basket

    Fall-themed gift basket with cocoa and a cute mug.

    Hello Honey

    Autumn is perhaps the coziest time of the year. When the leaves fall and temperatures drop, it’s time to grab a mug of hot cocoa and snuggle under a soft blanket. To celebrate the season, whip up this DIY fall gift basket to give to your friends and family. It’s sure to set them up for the comfiest fall yet.

    DIY Fall Gift Basket from Hello Honey

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    New Parent Gift Basket

    New mom gift basket with a magazine, gum and other must-haves.

    Elle Talk

    Hand this DIY gift basket full of must-haves over to a brand new parent and you’re sure to secure your spot as their favorite friend. New moms and dads don’t typically have the time (or energy) to focus on themselves as they’re running around and getting used to the whole parenting thing. They may not know it yet, but they absolutely need this gift basket. Yes, need.

    Ultimate New Mom Gift Basket DIY from Elle Talk

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    College Gift Basket

    Back to school gift basket filled with gift cards, snacks and school supplies.

    Flour On My Face

    After a long and blissful summer at home, going back to college can be a huge reality check, especially for those attending school in an unfamiliar city or state. The transition to cooking for yourself, keeping your dorm room clean, and doing your own laundry while simultaneously managing your studies can be tough. Ease your favorite college student’s pain by DIYing them this super helpful gift basket filled with back-to-school essentials.

    DIY Back to College Gift Basket from Flour On My Face

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    Mimosa Fixings

    A gift basket full of the supplies to make your own mimosas.

    Diary of a Debutante

    Nothing says Christmas morning quite like a fruity and delicious mimosa. But that isn't always possible with all the hubbub of the holidays. With this gift basket, you can make sure your loved ones will take that much deserved break after a busy holiday to sip some bubbly. Add your favorite mix-ins to give this gift basket a personal touch—think cranberries or grapefruit juice.

    Prosec-Ho-Ho-Ho: DIY Christmas Morning Mimosa Gift Basket from Diary of a Debutante

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    Tea Time Basket

    A themed gift basket full of tea.

    Blessed Beyond Crazy

    Follow this tutorial to create the perfect gift basket for your tea-loving pal. Include everything they need for a relaxing tea time. Don’t forget a cute mug!

    DIY Teatime Gift Basket
    from Blessed Beyond Crazy

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    Snack Basket

    A basket full of snacks, including meat and cheese.

    Flour On My Face

    Everyone can appreciate a good snack assortment. That’s why this DIY cheese and sausage gift basket is the perfect gift. It’s great for any occasion, too. Birthdays? Check. Christmas? Check. Any ol' week day? Check.

    Easy Cheese and Sausage Gift Basket from Flour On My Face

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    A DIY Gift Basket How-To

    A wicker basket filled with homemade gifts.

    Just Measuring Up


    To create a one-of-a-kind gift basket, you don’t always need to follow a specific blueprint. If you want your DIY to be completely unique, use this handy guide. It will show you how to curate your very own gift basket, filling it with all kinds of goodies according to a theme of your choosing. This blog provides you the bare bone instructions for creating a cute gift basket, so all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

    How to Make a Themed DIY Gift Basket
    from Just Measuring Up

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    Teacher Gift Basket

    A wooden crate filled with homemade gifts for a teacher.

    Chef in Disguise

    Teachers deserve an unbelievable amount of thank yous. After all, they’re shaping the minds of our future generations. It’s tough work. With this adorable DIY teacher gift basket, you can put a smile on your favorite teacher’s face and gift them items that they will actually use (or consume) after a busy school year.

    DIY Gift Basket from Chef In Disguise

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    Get Well Gift Basket

    Medicine, tea and other cold-fighting goodies in a basket.

    Busy Creating Memories

    Everyone can agree that feeling sick—whether it’s a cold or a chronic illness—is the worst. You’re not feeling yourself and your energy is lacking, making even simple acts of self-care feel like a major undertaking. Imagine being presented with all the essentials you need to get on track to wellness. That’s what it feels like when you receive this delightful gift basket. Fill it with medicine, tea, and vitamin C to pack a cold-fighting punch.

    Easy DIY Ray of Sunshine Get Well Gift Basket from Busy Creating Memories

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    Moscow Mule Basket

    A basket with all the fixings to make Moscow mule cocktails.

    Modern Glam

    When headed to a celebration in someone’s home, bringing a gift for the host or hostess is always appreciated. Wine and flowers are common choices. But instead of going the predictable route, wow your host with an out-of-the-box gift that they will truly appreciate. This DIY moscow mule gift basket includes everything needed to make delicious cocktails. 

    Moscow Mule Gift Basket: DIY Hostess Gift
    from Modern Glam

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    DIY Wine of the Month Club

    Cute wrapped wine bottles as gifts.

    The Creative Bite

    What do you get for the person who has everything? This DIY gift basket. Wine aficionados will be thrilled to get this DIY wine-of-the-month gift basket, allowing them to open a new bottle of wine carefully selected for their taste buds each month. Plus, you can choose wine at whatever price point you want, so there’s no need to bust open that piggy bank.

    DIY Wine of the Month Gift Basket Idea from The Creative Bite

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    French Toast Gift Basket

    Gift basket with bread, butter, syrup and other ingredients to make French toast.

    The Pastiche

    In the words of Ron Swanson, “there’s no sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.” So, the next time your friend or family member is feeling blue, gift them this breakfast basket to lift their spirits. Supply them with the ingredients to make a delicious french toast breakfast and prepare to be thanked a million times over. This DIY is especially great for busy new parents or perhaps a friend who needs a helping hand after a tough loss or breakup.

    DIY French Toast Breakfast Gift Basket from The Pastiche