9 DIY Headboard Ideas

Cushion Headboard

Collective Gen

There are few more impactful decor choices you can make in a bedroom than a statement headboard. It can work as the focal point of the room, tying together a complete color scheme and a fully realized aesthetic. A truly unique headboard can be hard to source, though, so consider tackling a homemade version during your next free weekend.

Not only are many of these ideas simple and quick, but they also allow you to customize the perfect headboard to your specific bed and space. Glance through these how-tos for a little bedroom makeover inspiration, and don't forget to finish your redecoration with a couple of homemade throw pillows.

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    Wood Slat Headboard

    Wood Slat Headboard

    The Merrythought

    Transform a few lengths of cheap lumber into a statement-making, wall-length headboard. An oversized version is a wonderful way to truly makeover a room—plus, it’s rental-friendly since no paint or wallpaper are needed. Try a dark stain on your lumber for a more classic, cozy vibe. 

    Wood Slat Headboard from The Merrythought

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    Arched Headboard

    Arched Headboard

    Place of My Taste

    A geometric, vintage-inspired homemade headboard adds warmth and comfort to your sleep space. Not too confident with your power tool skills? Research your options thoroughly before purchasing (or renting) any tools, then finish the piece with a medium wood stain.

    Arched Headboard from Place of My Taste

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    Herringbone Headboard

    Herringbone Headboard

    Sew Much Ado

    If your re-flooring project left you with extra wooden planks, consider putting them to use in a beautiful herringbone headboard. This version gets a rustic-chic, distressed white finish, but the pattern is definitely pretty enough itself to leave unpainted. 

    Herringbone Headboard from Sew Much Ado

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    Light Up Headboard

    Light Up Headboard

    A Beautiful Mess

    Incorporate a conversation-starting piece into a guest room with a totally DIYed light up headboard. This project definitely requires a few power tools and a bit of patience, so enlist the help of a partner and set aside a couple of days to get it done, but the end results are absolutely worth the time and effort. 

    Light Up Headboard from A Beautiful Mess

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    Floral Mural Headboard

    Floral Mural

    Aww Sam

    For those more artistic than builderly, try a giant mural in place of a headboard. An overblown, brightly-colored flower lends a retro-tropical vibe to a kitschy bedroom. Not allowed to paint a wall of a rented apartment? Try peel-and-stick temporary wallpaper trimmed to your design specifications instead. 

    Floral Mural Headboard from Aww Sam

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    Painted Stripe Headboard

    Painted Headboard

    Pretty Providence

    Go full-on preppy with an upcycled, painted stripe headboard. Use any flat surface (an old tabletop, desk, or extra lumbar) in need of a re-surface, carefully place paint tape in long stripes, and give it a thick coat of color. This headboard looks especially chic with contrasting floral bedding, like seen here.

    Painted Stripe Headboard from Pretty Providence

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    Tufted Headboard

    Tufted Headboard

    Jeweled Interiors

    Not for the faint of heart, this eye-catching velvet tufted headboard works as a true centerpiece in a maximalist bedroom. While this project may seem intimidating, it’s actually completely no-sew and totally accessible for novices (just don’t forget to buy or rent a heavy-duty staple gun). 

    Tufted Headboard from Jeweled Interiors

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    Fluffy Headboard

    Fluffy Headboard

    Dream a Little Bigger

    Textural contrasts are super important when designing an inviting bedroom, so start with a cozy, fuzzy headboard. Source fabric from a wholesale retailer to create this quirky headboard on a tight budget. It's perfect for a tween transitioning from their childhood bedroom to something with a little more personality. 

    Fluffy Headboard from Dream a Little Bigger

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    Hanging Cushion Headboard

    Cushion Headboard

    Collective Gen

    Equal parts stylish and comfortable, an up-cycled cushion headboard can make your bedroom extra cozy. While you could stitch new cushion covers pretty quickly and easily, non-sewers can definitely get away with pinning a sturdy fabric onto old cushions instead. This headboard looks especially chic when paired with a minimal platform bed, so test your DIY skills by building one youself.

    Hanging Cushion Headboard from Collective Gen