25 Fun and Festive DIY Party Decorations

DIY party decor ideas

Bugaboo City

There are so many reasons to throw a celebration, and there are even more ways to decorate for said celebration. Even if you aren't crafty, spending some time to make your place more festive will contribute to the success of the event you're throwing.

These DIY party decor ideas are suitable for a wide range of get-togethers. Each party decoration will enhance the ambiance of your event without costing you a ton of money in the process. 

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    Create an Insta-Worthy Wall

    DIY Photo Backdrop for Parties
    The Spruce / Lovely Indeed

    Photo booths are always a party hit, but now bright photo backdrops have taken over Instagram feeds. Design a festive, colorful wall using crepe paper and glue dots—this project is fast, cheap, and it will last the whole party. Watch or take part as your guests snap selfies and "candids" for their 'grams.

    DIY Photo Backdrop from The Spruce

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    Build a Brilliant Balloon Arch

    DIY balloon arch
    The Spruce / Lovely Indeed

    Add extra pizazz and pop to your party with a pretty balloon arch. All it takes is a few colors of balloons, wire, and command hooks to take your space to the next level. You can use it as a photo booth background or as a little style boost above a gift or light bites table.

    DIY Balloon Arch from The Spruce

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    DIY a Festive Tassel Garland

    diy tassel garland
    The Spruce / Caylin Harris

    A colorful garland fashioned from tissue paper and twine is not only easy, cheap, and colorful, it's versatile to fit any celebration. Dress up a dessert or snack table, frame a mantel, or jazz up a doorway. There are endless ways to incorporate this fun fringe garland into your next party.

    DIY Tassel Garland from The Spruce

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    Fashion Paper Fans to Hang From the Ceiling

    Paper fan decorations
    The Spruce / Rita Shehan

    Paper fans are a classic party decoration that truly works for any type of event. Make a whole bunch, using a variety of decorative paper and patterns, and hang from the ceiling at varying lengths. They also look great on a wall, clustered together in a random grouping.

    Paper Fan Decorations from The Spruce

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    Fill a Table With Tiny Vase Bouquets

    DIY party decor ideas
    Paper & Stitch

    Flowers are a must for events like weddings, but they can even dress up a small dinner party or cocktail hour. If you're on a budget, buy one larger bouquet then split it up among small vases and other eclectic vessels like a teacup.

    How to Arrange Tiny Bouquets in Vases from Paper & Stitch

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    Light up the Event With Paper Lanterns

    DIY party decoration ideas
    Lia Griffith

    Paper lanterns might be too fragile to make their way into your everyday decor, but they are perfect for parties because they are inexpensive enough to make a handful of them. When the party is complete, you can either save them or throw them away if they become damaged. 

    Papercut Honeycomb Lanterns from Lia Griffith

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    Spell out Something Festive in Glitter

    DIY party decor ideas
    The Spruce / Stephanie White

    You might spell out something obvious like "happy birthday" on a banner for a birthday celebration. However, even a dinner party amongst friends could use a glittery word banner. If you can't think of what to write, "cheers" is a good declaration for pretty much any occasion.

    DIY Glitter Party Banner from The Spruce

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    Craft a Piñata out of a Paper Bag

    DIY party ideas
    The Spruce / Lovely Indeed

    Buying a piñata from the store is easy enough, but then you're limited to the designs they have available. Instead, you can make this very straightforward piñata using a paper bag and tissue paper. In some cases, this piñata might serve better as just a decoration and not one you'd use because it would open relatively easily compared to some that are constructed from cardboard.

    How to Make a Fun Paper Bag Piñata from The Spruce

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    Add Levels to Your Dessert Table

    DIY paty decor ideas
    Something Turquoise

    One simple way to add decorations to your party is to turn your food into part of your decor. Decorate food with flags, labels, and other toppers. Also, make sure the levels of your food vary. For instance, these varied cupcake stands will easily draw your guest's eyes to the dessert table. 

    DIY Wooden Cupcake Stands from Something Turquoise

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    Upgrade Inexpensive Champagne Flutes

    DIY party decor tutorials
    The Spruce / Lovely Indeed

    There are a few different ways you can make your drinking glasses more memorable for a party. This foolproof method involves cutting gold adhesive vinyl into different sized triangles and layering them onto the glass. Don't try to make your pattern too perfect. The more variation, the better.

    DIY Fun Patterned Champagne Flutes from The Spruce

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    Top the Cake With Something Colorful

    DIY party decor ideas
    Tell Love and Party

    Cake toppers work well when you want to keep the cake simple without writing on it, but still want it to look decorated. This garland cake topper idea is perfect for a general get together where there's no message you want to send like "happy birthday" or something wedding related. Throwing a spring bash? Consider this colorful addition to your dessert table. 

    Garland Cake Topper from Tell Love and Party

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    Fill a Wall up With Balloons

    DIY party decor
    You Are My Fave

    You can hang balloons in an entrance or at the end of a streamer, but that is a pretty basic way to use balloons to decorate a party. Instead, think about creating one focal wall in your space using multicolored balloons. Keep the rows and columns of the balloon wall level with one another for the best results.

    DIY Balloon Wall Idea from You Are My Fave

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    Cut out Paper Star Bursts

    DIY party decorations
    The Spruce / Katherine Lee

    DIY party decor doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, sometimes all you need is a sheet of colored paper and some patience. The more paper starbursts you create, the more impact they'll have on your decor. Cluster them into a bowl or hang them from a string from the ceiling.

    DIY Paper Starburst Party Decorations from The Spruce

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    Fold up Paper to Create a Fruit-Inspired Banner

    DIY party decor ideas
    Bugaboo City

    There are so many different types of paper garlands you can make for a party. However, if you're throwing a general party for no reason, keep that garland pretty general, too. Perhaps match the garland to the season instead. This watermelon garland is perfect for summer get-togethers. 

    Watermelon Medallion Banner from Bugaboo City

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    Fill Eggs With Some Confetti

    DIY party decor ideas
    The Spruce / Rita Shehan

    Egg-related DIY party decorations aren't just limited to Easter. You could use these at a gender reveal, a spring dinner party, a wedding, New Year's Eve, or even a bunny-themed child's birthday party. The point of filling them is that they will eventually be broken during the party, and the confetti will be thrown about. Think about how you will have your guests smash the eggs and for what reason. 

    How to Make Confetti Filled Eggs from The Spruce

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    Use a Template to Create a Feature Wall

    DIY party decor ideas
    The House That Lars Built

    Creating something that is blogger-worthy can be intimidating, which is why there are tutorials and templates to guide you. You can replicate this feature wall for a party very easily by downloading the template then using that as your cutting guide for these colorful tulips.

    Paper Tulip Backdrop from The House That Lars Built

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    Convert Balloons Into Hot Air Balloons

    DIY party decoration ideas
    Oh Happy Day

    Creating a centerpiece over a food table at a party doesn't always have to happen at the center of the table. Consider floating something above the table to add interest and draw your eye to that section of the room. This idea converts simple white balloons into hot air balloons using cardstock, thread, and a hot glue gun.

    Hanging Hot Air Balloons from Oh Happy Day

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    Paint Some Napkins for a Dinner Party

    Painted cloth napkins
    The Spruce / Caylin Harris

    The most important part of decorating for a dinner party is the table. In fact, the table is going to function as the main party decor for your event. Make sure you go the extra mile to have each place setting set up before guests arrive. To dress up the table, paint some simple designs on napkins using fabric paint.

    DIY Painted Cloth Napkins from The Spruce

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    Shape Balloons Into an Arch

    DIY party decoration ideas
    Bird's Party

    Balloon arches are a popular way to decorate for a party, and they come in varying degrees of difficulty. Some require hundreds of balloons that get tied together to cascade down a table. In this case, the arch is very straightforward and easy to recreate. 

    DIY Easy Rainbow Balloon Arch from Bird's Party

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    Make Your Own Streamers

    DIY party decoration ideas
    Studio DIY

    It's easy to buy ready-made streamers and twist them around an entryway. However, if you make your own streamers, you can get very specific with the look you want. You can make them thick, you can customize the color, and you can create different lengths of fringe. 

    DIY Mylar Party Streamers from Studio DIY

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    Dye a Plain Tablecloth With This Ombre Technique

    DIY party decor ideas
    Green Wedding Shoes

    Tablecloths pull a party together by covering unsightly serving tables. Instead of white plastic, opt for a tablecloth that adds a pop of color by dyeing fabric in shades that make sense given your other party decor. Another way to use a tablecloth as party decor is as a backdrop for a food table or photo booth.

    DIY Ombre Tablecloth from Green Wedding Shoes

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    Experiment With Paper Chains for a Backdrop

    DIY party decor ideas
    Design Improvised

    Party decor has evolved from twisted streamers to backdrops. The more eye-popping your backdrop, the more festive your party is going to feel. One idea is to set up an area for a photo booth and use paper chains to anchor the space. 

    Ombre Paper Chain Wall Hanging from Design Improvised

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    Craft Flowers That Can Be Reused Over and Over

    DIY party decoration ideas
    Think Make Share

    If you throw a lot of get-togethers and the idea of buying fresh flowers every time seems intimidating, maybe make some beautiful paper flowers instead to use as centerpieces and accents. 

    Crepe Paper Flowers from Think Make Share

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    Craft Crowns Instead of Party Hats

    DIY party decor ideas
    The Melrose Family

    What's a kid's party without party hats and favors? This craft project works as both. The kids can make pretend with their crowns, and once the party is down, they can take their crown home with them.  

    DIY Kings Crowns from The Melrose Family

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    Amp up a Drink Stirrer With a Horse

    diy party decor
    Inspired by Charm

    You don't have to add a horse figurine to a stir stick necessarily, but anything you add to make the stick more festive will enhance the look and feel of your party. Simply purchase clear stir sticks and embellish as you see fit. 

    DIY Horse Drink Stirrers from Inspired by Charm