10 Fabulous DIY Pot Rack Ideas

Copper Pipe

Man Made DIY

A matching set of gleaming cookware should be your kitchen’s pride and joy, so don’t tuck your prized pots and pans away in a dusty cupboard. Transform your cookware collection into a stunning showpiece by hanging it from a homemade, creative pot rack. Try nailing together some reclaimed wood to match a rustic-chic kitchen, or utilize a wall-mounted pegboard to make the most of a smaller cooking space. No matter the creative direction you take, glance through the pot rack DIYs here for a few great ideas.

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    Chicken Wire Pot Rack

    Chicken Wire Pot Rack

    Golden Boys and Me

    The perfect display for a set of shiny copper pots, a length of chicken wire framed with two-by-fours can both secure S-hooks and allow for extra storage above the rack itself. Be sure to securely hang this one directly into the ceiling joists—it’s guaranteed to collect lots of your kitchen’s odds-and-ends that will weigh it down handily. 

    Chicken Wire Pot Rack from Golden Boys and Me

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    Scrap Wood Pot Rack

    Scrap Wood Pot Rack

    Little Yellow Wheelbarrow

    If you can source a bit of reclaimed wood for this understated pot rack, all the better, a perfectly weathered finish gives this piece the homespun character it needs. And thanks to a set of wrought iron S-hooks, your stainless steel pans will be attached in style. 

    Scrap Wood Pot Rack from Little Yellow Wheelbarrow

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    Antique Ladder Pot Rack

    Antique Ladder Pot Rack

    Antique Ladder Pot Rack

    You’ve repurposed a secondhand ladder to hold spare blankets and throws in the bedroom, but why not hang one from the kitchen ceiling to display your cookware, too? If your antique ladder needs a little TLC, sand it, apply your finish of choice, then run a medium-grit sandpaper over it to achieve that ideal timeworn texture. 

    Antique Ladder Pot Rack from Old House Crazy

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    Pull-Out Pot Rack

    Pull Out Pot Rack

    Family Handyman

    If your cookware is a little less than display-ready, consider a handy hidden storage solution. While this DIY definitely takes a little more patience and planning, if you can source a slide-mount drawer slide it comes together relatively quickly. Don't hesitate to beef up your cabinet-making skills before tackling this project.

    Pull-Out Pot Rack from Family Handyman

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    Wall-Mounted Pot Rack

    Wall Mounted Pot Rack

    Harlow and Thistle

    For the minimalist’s kitchen, consider a simple rectangular wall-mounted frame (wooden dowels are an inexpensive material perfect for this project). This one is best kept relatively sparse, so hang only your most-used kitchenware and leave the rest tucked neatly away.

    Wall Mounted Pot Rack from Harlow and Thistle

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    Copper Pipe Pot Rack

    Copper Pipe Pot Rack

    Man Made DIY

    For a truly noteworthy kitchen storage solution utilize shiny copper pipes as rods. Not only will the copper add a dose of metallic gleam to your kitchen, but it’s also a super-affordable alternative to wood. Pop into your local hardware store where they’ll often cut copper piping to size for you, too. 

    Copper Pipe Pot Rack from Man Made DIY

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    Rustic Pot Rack

    Rustic Pot Rack

    We Lived Happily Ever After

    Repurpose a set of old towel racks to create multi-use hanging kitchen storage. If your used towel racks need a makeover, try slicking on a coat of paint and a glossy clear coat to bring them back to life. Spray paint is a great, quick option that covers a multitude of materials, just make sure to apply it in a well-ventilated area.

    Rustic Pot Rack from We Lived Happily Ever After

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    Tension Rod Pot Rack

    Tension Rod Pot Rack

    Sincerely, Marie Designs

    Keep your kitchen walls streamlined by hiding a tension rod under the range hood or bottom of the cabinet’s frame, then hang pots and pans using chic, simple hooks. Careful not to overload this one, though, the average tension rod can only hold so much weight. 

    Tension Rod Pot Rack from Sincerely, Marie Designs

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    Pegboard Pot Rack

    Pegboard organizer

    A Beautiful Mess

    To keep your most used cookware within reach, opt for a pegboard organizer. Fill the good part of an open wall with a standard pegboard, then trace your appliances with a paint pen to ensure everything gets put away in perfect order. 


    Lay everything out onto the pegboard first before committing to an arrangement; make sure your organization plan is optimal for your daily use.

    Pegboard Pot Rack from A Beautiful Mess

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    Simple Single Pot Rack

    Single Rod Rack

    Ugly Duckling House

    A single long, sturdy rail works to keep things up and out of the way, especially when cabinet space and countertops are limited. Try hanging a rod high up the to preserve your workspace (not to mention to ensure your kitchen is kid-proof). Add a cute pop of color by hanging a DIY oven mitt too.

    Simple Single Pot Rack from Ugly Duckling House