How to Make a DIY Snow Globe

A DIY tropical holiday snowglobe

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DIY Snow Globe

No holiday decor is complete without the addition of a snow globe or two. These DIY snow globes are the perfect project for the holiday season. You can customize them with your favorite miniature figures, select the perfect colors, and experiment with different types of snow. They're a fun craft for kids and also a wonderful gift to give to friends and family––and you can put together a whole batch of them quickly. 

Gather Materials

Materials for making a DIY snow globe
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You should be able to find everything you need to make your own snow globe at your local craft store. We used a snow globe jar, but if you'd like, you could also use a mason jar, clean upcycled food jars, or something similar. Also, when you're looking for your miniature figures to include inside the globe, be sure that you find items that are waterproof and an appropriate size for your jar.

What You'll Need

  • Snow globe jar or mason jar
  • Miniature figures to create a scene inside the globe
  • Strong glue, like E6000 or similar
  • Glycerin
  • Water
  • Glitter or faux snowflakes

Glue Figures

The inside of the DIY snow globe
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Start your DIY snow globe by using glue to create a scene with your miniature figures. If you're using a snow globe jar, you'll glue your figures to the top of the plug that inserts into the globe. If you're using a mason jar, you'll glue your figures to the underside of the lid (with a mason jar, once your snow globe is complete, the jar will stand upside-down).

Arrange the pieces so they'll fit inside the jar once you close it up. Apply glue to each piece, ensuring that they're secure. Then allow the glue to dry and cure according to the instructions on the glue bottle.

Add Glycerin

Glycerin and materials for the snow globe
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Add about a tablespoon of glycerin to your globe. This will help the glitter or snow float slowly down to the bottom when you shake it, rather than drop quickly through water.

Add Water

A hand holding the snow globe with glycerin
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Fill your globe with water, secure the lid, and shake until the water and the glycerin are combined. If you're using a mason jar and your figures are still drying, place your hand over the open jar and shake it gently. 

Add Glitter

The DIY snow globe with glitter in it
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Add about a tablespoon of glitter to your snow globe. At first, it may float on the water, but it will incorporate and float around once your globe is properly sealed.

Add the Plug

A hand holding the final DIY snow globe upside down
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If you're using a snow globe jar, carefully add the plug with the scene you created. Do this over a sink in case any water spills. The goal is to have as much water in the globe as possible, to avoid large air bubbles.

If you're using a mason jar, simply screw on the lid and you're done.

Seal the Lid

Adding a lid to the DIY snow globe
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If you're using a store-bought snow globe jar, the final step is to add the lid and seal it tightly. Flip the jar right-side-up and shake it around to incorporate the glitter.

Watch the Snow!

The final tropical DIY snow globe
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Enjoy your DIY snow globe! Give it as a gift or keep it to add some seasonal fun to your home decor. You can add a festive touch before gifting it by tying colorful ribbon, yarn, or twine around the bottom or decorating the lid with washi tape.