15 DIY Snow Globes

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Mason Jar Crafts Love

Do you remember being mesmerized by snow globes when you were a kid? Make the memory even more magical for your children by making DIY snow globes with them. Even if they aren't old enough for some of the more intricate snow globes, they'll love watching the process. 

These DIY snow globe ideas capture the magic of the season and can be as personalized as you desire. Try to experiment with different vignettes and materials to get the best result.

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    Add an Unusual Animal Like a Flamingo

    diy snow globe ideas
    Lovely Indeed

    One way to make a snow globe more quirky is to add elements that would never naturally be in snow. A tropical-themed snow globe with bright colors is a fun way to make your snow globe stand out from the crowd. 

    DIY Tropical Flamingo Snow Globe from The Spruce

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    Turn a Shot Glass Into a Snow Globe

    diy snow globes
    What's Up With the Buells

    Not all snow globes need to be large and fully functional. Convert some unused shot glasses into charming snow globe ornaments. Don't worry, you won't need to drill a hole in a glass. The shot glasses used in this tutorial are the disposable plastic kind.

    DIY Snow Globe Shot Glass Ornaments from What's Up With the Buells

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    Transform Vintage Mason Jars Into Waterless Snow Globes

    diy waterless snowglobe
    Sadie Seasongoods

    Adding a vintage charm to snow globes is easier than you'd think. Gather up some vintage mason jars and collect small retro trinkets and bottle brushes. Since you're dealing with collectible pieces, it's a better idea to make these snow globes without water, which will better preserve the interior. 

    Vintage Mason Jar Waterless Snow Globes from Sadie Seasongoods

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    Learn How to Make a Mini Snow Globe Ring

    diy snow globe ring
    Soap Deli News

    This waterless snow globe project is as fun for kids as it is for adults. Turn your favorite small item into a snow globe ring by attaching it to an open ring base. Next, adhere a small clear glass globe to the base using adhesive. 

    Starry DIY Snow Globe Ring from Soap Deli News

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    Make a Snow Globe Based on a Disney Character

    diy frozen snowglobe idea
    My Sister's Suitcase

    Olaf is a super popular Frozen character who is somewhat easy to make yourself. It might look like the body is made of marshmallows, but it's actually made from Crayola Model Magic. Prep all the supplies ahead of time and let your kids make their own version. If the end result looks more like a regular snowman than Olaf, that's okay, too. 

    Olaf Snow Globe from My Sister's Suitcase

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    Get Trapped Inside a Snow Globe

    diy snowglobe project tutorials
    Our Best Bites

    In order to make this DIY snow globe project effective, you'll need to stage a special photo shoot with your family. Have each member strike a pose, imitating being stuck inside a globe. Cut out each photo, laminate it, then get started making this clever snow globe. 

    Homemade Snow Globe from Our Best Bites

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    Miniaturize a Snow Globe for Party Favors

    mini snow globe tutorial
    Ever Mine

    This snow globe tutorial repurposes baby food jars and mini trinkets to make miniature snow globe favors. You can usually find small holiday accessories at a local craft store or online. If making a lot of these for a holiday party, consider going waterless. You'll have a lot less chance of a mess that way. 

    Mini Snow Globe Favors from Ever Mine

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    Craft a Faux Snow Globe Using Unexpected Items

    diy snow globe tutorial
    The 36th Avenue

    Can you decipher what supplies are used in this snow globe tutorial? The main part of the globe is made from a plastic bubble cup. The top is made from a wood knob and the bottom is a wood plaque, which can both be found at a craft store. 

    Snow Globe Christmas Gift Idea from The 36th Avenue

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    Fill Light Bulb Ornaments With Glitter

    diy snow globe ornaments
    No Biggie

    To make a light bulb ornament more interesting, consider turning it into a snow globe. The easiest way to do that is by adding miniature bottle brush trees and glitter. When adhering the tree to the bottom of the bulb, make sure to use a low-temperature hot glue gun. 

    DIY Mini Snow Globe Ornament from No Biggie

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    Think of Fun Winter Scenes to Try

    snow globe ideas
    Mason Jar Crafts Love

    There are more interior scene options when working with waterless snowglobes because you don't have to worry about all the pieces being waterproof. This clever snow globe idea uses some festive colored twine to wrap a mini tree to a toy car. The end result couldn't be more charming. 

    Car in a Jar Snow Globe from Mason Jar Crafts Love

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    Snap a Family Portrait for a Snow Globe

    diy snow globe tutorial
    A Kalio Chic Life

    Instead of having one family member stuck inside a snow globe, this idea involves the entire family. No one needs to do any special poses or act like they are trapped. Surround the photo with various sized bottle brush trees in different colors to replicate this scene. 

    Family Portrait Snow Globe from A Kalio Chic Life

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    Preserve a Garden of Succulents Inside a Snow Globe

    diy garden snow globes
    Garden Therapy

    It might look like you're preserving plants in water, but this project uses artificial plants and succulents. Before adding water, mix together glitter and glycerin. The glycerin will make the glitter look more like snow and slow down its movement inside the snow globe. 

    Succulent Snow Globe from Garden Therapy

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    Keep the Interior Simple With Floating Snowflakes

    diy snow globe ideas
    The Crafted Sparrow

    This crafter opted to keep the inside of her mason jar snow globe minimal by using wood snowflakes. To suspend the snowflakes at different heights, she used an invisible fishing line. Adhere the fishing line to a piece of cardstock and then glue that to the mason jar lid. 

    DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes from The Crafted Sparrow

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    Pick Your Favorite Super Hero

    diy super hero snow globe
    The Shabby Creek Cottage

    This snow globe tutorial is a fun one to try with your superhero-loving child. The inside of the globe doesn't have to be fussy. Simply hot glue a small action figure to the center of a mason jar lid, add glitter and water, then screw on the lid. 

    DIY Superhero Snow Globe from The Shabby Creek Cottage

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    Recycle a Peanut Butter Jar to Make a DIY Snow Globe

    how to make a snow globe
    Artsy Fartsy Mama

    A snow globe doesn't need to be made out of glass nor does it require expensive materials. This crafter repurposed an empty peanut butter jar to create this whimsical holiday globe. Make sure to secure the edges of the lid with a strong craft glue to prevent leaks. 

    DIY Snow Globe from Artsy Fartsy Mama