How to Make a DIY Tapestry

DIY Wall Tapestry

DIY Felt Wall Tapestry
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Having a piece of your own creation hanging on your wall is the ultimate goal when it comes to DIY satisfaction! This cool DIY wall tapestry is not only super simple to make, but a great conversation piece to add to your space. The no-sew, easy-make instructions are perfect for even beginner level crafters, and the result is a totally one-of-a-kind piece that you can customize to your space.

Gather Materials

Materials for DIY wall tapestry
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As you are gathering materials, consider the color palette within which you'd like to work to create the shapes on your tapestry. Also consider the shapes themselves. You can create something similar to this Matisse-inspired, abstract work, or go in a completely different direction. Make sure that the style you choose is complementary to your space.


  • Felt in various complementary colors
  • A thick fabric for the base, like duck cloth or canvas
  • Glue sticks
  • Wooden dowel
  • Cotton cord


  • Glue gun
  • Scissors

Cut the Fabric Base

Fabric for DIY wall tapestry
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Start by deciding the size of your tapestry. Cut your thick fabric base to the size that you would like. Be sure that the width of your fabric is not wider than the length of your dowel, as the dowel is what you will use to hang the tapestry. This tapestry is about 20" x 26".

Cut Felt Shapes

Felt shapes and scissors for DIY wall tapestry
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Once you've decided on a style and shape for your felt pieces, start cutting the shapes out of your felt. As you cut and create felt shapes, try to keep a somewhat equal number of shapes cut from each color, so that you have a good mix on your base and no one color is outnumbering the others.

Place Felt Shapes

Felt shapes for DIY wall tapestry
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Now that you have your shapes cut, start arranging them on the base to create a layout. Lay the base fabric flat. Play with color mixtures, scale, and proximity until you have an arrangement that you are happy with.

Glue Felt Shapes

Hot glue and felt shapes for DIY wall tapestry
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Now you should have all of your felt pieces laying as you would like them on your base fabric. One by one, place a line of hot glue around the edge of each shape and glue it down onto your base.

Continue Gluing Shapes

Felt shapes on DIY wall tapestry
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Continue the gluing process until all of your shapes have been glued firmly in place.

Glue Dowel

Dowel glued to DIY wall tapestry
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At the top of your tapestry, place a thin line of glue on the top edge of the back side of the base fabric. Place the dowel down onto this glue. Then place another line of glue on the fabric, just slightly under where the dowel is sitting, so that you can roll the dowel down onto this new line of glue and the fabric will roll with the dowel. This creates a clean front on the tapestry where it's attached to the dowel.

Tie on Hanger

Hanger tied on DIY wall tapestry
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Cut a length of cotton cord and tie it around either end of the dowel, just outside the edge of the fabric. Tie a double knot on either side and trim the excess cord.

Hang It Up!

DIY felt wall tapestry hanging on wall
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Hang your new DIY wall tapestry and enjoy!