20 DIY Wall Art Projects to Spruce Up Your Space

Wall art in a living room

Classy Clutter

DIY projects are a simple and inexpensive way to give life to your home while showing off your creative skills. Homemade wall art is the perfect example of an easy way to DIY some personality into your space. Most of the tutorials in this roundup are so easy-to-follow, they’ll make even the artistically-challenged feel like Michelangelo.

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    Framed Watercolor Phrase

    Watercolor Phrase Art DIY
    A Beautiful Mess

    Incorporating your favorite quote or phrase into your home decor is a beautiful way to personalize your space. The watercolor technique detailed in this tutorial will make your treasured words stand out.

    Watercolor Phrase Art DIY from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

    DIY String Wall Art

    Yarn makes for the coziest crafts, and DIY wall hangings are all the rage currently. This specific one is incredibly simple to make. Try this DIY project using your favorite colors! Pro tip: Just be sure to hang it high enough if you have a cat in the house—they may just love this project just as much, if not more than we do.

    DIY String Wall Art from Homedit

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    Stylish Diamond Painting

    Home Decor Projects: DIY Diamond Ripple Wall
    Classy Clutter

    If you’re a constant crafter, a piece of plywood is likely all you’ll need to create this adorable project. Sometimes the simplest decor adds the most flair to your space.

    DIY Diamond Ripple Wall Art from Classy Clutter

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    Popsicle Stick Shelf

    DIY Wall Art: Popsicle Stick Hexagon Shelf
    Make & Do Crew

    We love knick-knacks, and cute shelves are the best way to display them. This DIY hexagon shelf tutorial will show you how to show off your stuff in style with insanely inexpensive supplies. Add souvenirs, plants, or framed photos for a personal touch.

    Popsicle Stick Hexagon Shelf from Make & Do Crew

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    Curated Accessory Wall

    DIY: Hat Wall Display

    Think outside the (hat) box and use what’s in your closet as decor instead. Display hats, scarves, and bags in a fun arrangement on your wall. This tutorial will show you how.

    Hat Wall Display from Dormify

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    DIY Art Gallery

    Bedroom Gallery Wall
    DIY Mama

    Gallery walls are all the rage but can be confusing to design. Use these tips and tricks to create the perfect accent to any room. These walls are popular along stairways but will work anywhere.

    Bedroom Gallery Wall from DIY Mama

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    Elegant Sunburst Mirror

    DIY Bamboo Stick Sunburst Mirror Tutorial
    Ten June

    Simple and stylish—our two favorite words when it comes to DIY projects. This craft accomplishes both. Create this DIY sunburst mirror for much cheaper than the mirrors you'd find a home goods store.

    DIY Bamboo Stick Sunburst Mirror from Ten June

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    Geometric Heart Art

    Geometric Heart DIY Wall Art
    Make & Do Crew

    Whether you’re deciding on Valentine’s Day decorations or looking for a long-term art commitment, you can’t go wrong with hearts. Use popsicle sticks to make an inexpensive and adorable geometric DIY.

    Geometric Heart DIY Wall Art from Make & Do Crew

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    DIY Gold Tropical Leaf Art Print

    gold tropical leaf print wall art
    Lovely Indeed

    This tropical print works any time of year when you use gold leaf foil to create this framed wall art. Add it to your desk decor so that your next vacation always feels close.

    DIY Gold Tropical Leaf Art Print from The Spruce

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    Big and Bold Paintings

    Budget Friendly DIY Wall Art
    Lantern Lane Designs

    Large pieces of artwork can be seen as “too bold” sometimes, but given the right styling and we say otherwise. DIY paintings are a great way to add color and charm to your space.

    Budget Friendly DIY Wall Art from Lantern Lane Designs

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    Crafty Rope Sign

    DIY Jute Rope Love Sign
    Hymns and Verses

    Peaceful bedrooms lead to peaceful rest. This project will help you accomplish both. Customize your own rustic sign to say anything you want!

    DIY Jute Rope Love Sign from Hymns and Verses

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    Paper Plant Art

    DIY Paper Wall Art

    Staying within budget while decorating a stylish home can be a daunting task. Luckily, there are plenty of cheap DIY projects utilizing inexpensive products and crafty tricks to make your decor look elegant. These paper plants are the perfect example—can you believe they're not store-bought? Your friends won't either.

    DIY Paper Wall Art from OhOhDeco

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    Upcycled Accents

    C.R.A.F.T. #57: Basket Wall Art

    When people think of wall art, images of two-dimensional paintings and prints often come to mind. Multimedia wall art will mix things up! Upcycle baskets, old jewelry, and other antiques to create fun, three-dimensional art.

    Basket Wall Art from C.R.A.F.T.

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    Trash Turned Decor

    DIY Wall Art - For Free!
    Throne & Thimble

    You can make beautiful art out of everyday items. Next time you head to the trash bin, consider the unending upcycling possibilities. This project is proof that even toilet paper rolls can be made into mesmerizing decor.

    DIY Wall Art - For Free! from Throne & Thimble

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    DIY Wire Letters

    DIY Wire Letter Wall Art
    The Merrythought

    This may be the simplest DIY wall art tutorial yet—you only need two easy-to-find supplies. Installing these DIY wire words or letters on your wall creates a seamless and modern look.

    DIY Wire Letter Wall Art from The Merrythought

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    Colorful Collage

    DIY Colorful Collage Wall Art
    Sarah Hearts

    Need some color in your life? Look no further. A colorful collage is a perfect way to update your walls.

    DIY Colorful Collage Wall Art from Sarah Hearts

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    Iridescent Mirror Craft

    DIY Pink Iridescent Mirror
    A Bubbly Life

    Mirrors add depth to small spaces and give every space a modern feel. Try this color-blocked iridescent pink mirror for added color and style. Customize it by using your favorite colored adhesive paper for extra flare.

    DIY Pink Iridescent Mirror from A Bubbly Life

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    Paint-Splattered Prints

    DIY Gold Leaf Splatter Print
    Lovely Indeed

    This is the perfect DIY for artists who lack confidence. No drawing or painting skills necessary, but having fun and making a mess is required!

    DIY Gold Leaf Splatter Print from Lovely Indeed

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    Embroidery Hoop String Art

    DIY Embroidery Hoop Yarn Wall Hanger
    Enthralling Gumption

    Embroidery hoops give this project a modern twist, and using your favorite colors will add personality to your piece. Don’t be fooled by the required supplies—you won’t need to learn how to embroider. Simplicity and pops of color make this wall art stand out.

    DIY Embroidery Hoop Yarn Wall Hanging from Enthralling Gumption

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    Fine Art Hacks

    You’re Such A Hack: A Diy Art Hack (Two Ways) in 5 Minutes Without Even Picking Up A Paint Brush
    Paper & Stitch

    An easy wall art DIY that doesn’t even require a paintbrush? Sign us up! These easy wall art hacks have a big impact and are sure to liven up a room.

    Fine Art Hack from Paper & Stitch