25 DIY Wedding Cards to Celebrate the Happy Couple

watercolor flower wedding card

Nichol Spohr LLC

Headed to a wedding? Why not make a handmade card! Brides and grooms will appreciate the time and special effort you took to craft an original greeting card. Best of all, the sentiments inside the card will truly be from your heart.

Have lots of upcoming weddings to attend? Take advantage of these DIY wedding card ideas!

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    Mettalic Floral Wedding Card

    diy wedding card
    Nichol Spohr LLC

    This metal floral themed card looks challenging to make, but if you follow the video provided in the tutorial by Nichol Spohr LLC, you will find that it's actually quite easy. It's made from stamps and gold embossing powder and is filled in with watercolor paint. The results are just stunning. This technique can be used to make other paper crafts as well!

    Metallic Florals Wedding Card from Nichol Spohr LLC

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    Colorful Embossed Greeting Card

    embossed wedding card
    @btarayao / Instagram

    Congratulate the bride and groom with an embossed floral card that has a lovely pastel-colored background. Add some bling, and you are ready to give a card that will be treasured as a keepsake for years to come. So pretty, you could frame it and hang it on the wall as artwork.

    Pastel Colored Embossed Greeting Card from @btarayao via Instagram

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    Embossed Daisy Card With Paper Flags

    daisy greeting card
    Crafts Unleashed

    This paper daisy card is another example of a beautiful handmade card that can work for any occasion. With a collection of paper flags adorned in different sentiments, you'll be ready when the need arises to give someone a handmade a greeting card for a wedding, birthday, and more.

    Customizable Greeting Cards from Crafts Unleashed

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    Easy and Elegant Card

    Black, gray, and white DIY wedding card
    The Spruce / Rita Shehan

    This simple and classy wedding card is sure to please the new couple. It's color palette gives it a sophisticated and sharp look—certainly making it a card they'll be excited to display in their home. All it takes is a little bit of folding and cutting, followed by adding pretty embossed stickers. 

    Easy DIY Wedding Card Tutorial from The Spruce Crafts

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    Romantic Rose Cutout Card and Favor Box

    light green floral card

    This romantic rose floral cutout card was made using a BigShot machine and ThinLit dies. Make the card and some favor boxes to match from mint green and white-colored paper—a beautiful and elegant wedding design theme.

    Stampin' Up Floral Phrases from Dospiration

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    A Card for Harry Potter Fans

    Crafting Cheerfully

    Are the bride and groom Harry Potter fans? Then this is the perfect card for them! Based on the imaginary game featured in the books called "Quidditch," it becomes a cute play on words that the wedded pair will love.

    Harry Potter DIY Engagement and Wedding Card from Crafting Cheerfully

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    Gatefold Style Wedding Card

    white on white wedding card

    Make a beautiful white die-cut gatefold style wedding card to congratulate the happy couple. What makes this card sweet is that a romantic paper die-cut was cut in half and applied to the front of the card. We think the results are fabulous.

    With Love Botanical Bliss Card from Spellbinders

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    An Embroidered Keepsake Wedding Card

    embroidered wedding card
    Crafting Cheerfully

    A stunning diamond ring themed greeting card can be made from embroidery floss and card stock. This wedding card is so pretty, the bride might want to frame it as a wedding wall decor keepsake.

    DIY Embroidered Wedding Card from Crafting Cheerfully

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    A Floral Printable Card

    printable floral style wedding card
    Sustain My Craft Habit

    Sometimes we don't have enough time to make a card from scratch and need a quick wedding card to give to the bride and groom at the last minute. Floral printable cards may be used for any occasion, but they do work well for wedding-themed cards. Sustain My Craft Habit offers two free floral printable greeting cards for download.

    Monthly Free Floral Greeting Card Printables from Sustain My Craft Habit

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    Pink Paper Flowered Greeting Card

    quilled greeting card
    All Things Paper

    Quilling is the art of wrapping strips of paper into different shapes and gluing them into a pattern onto a piece of cardstock. Pretty quilled flowers on a light green cardstock background make a lovely handmade wedding greeting card. Quilled flowers are not expensive but have a high impact on the design of the greeting card.

    Basic Flower and Leaf Tutorial from All Things Paper

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    Wedding Dress and Tuxedo Greeting Card

    Wedding dress and tuxedo greeting card
    Just Julie B's Stamping Place

    A tuxedo and a wedding dress are a classic symbol of marriage. Made from embossed paper and added bling, this white wedding dress, and black suit die-cut paper element, create an elegant statement on the front of this DIY card.

    Wedding Dress and Tuxedo Card from Just Julie B's Stamping Place

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    Lovely Water Colored Floral Printable

    floral printable greeting card
    Paper Trail Design

    Watercolor flowers are always beautiful and are perfect for a wedding card. This greeting card is also suitable for other occasions. Paper Trail Design offers this cute printable for free download on their site.

    Congratulations Card Printable from Paper Trail Design

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    Washi Tape Wedding Card

    washi tape wedding card
    365 Days of Crafts

    Do you want to give the bride and groom a handmade card but think of yourself as artistically challenged? This washi tape and Kraft paper card may be for you! It's quick and simple to make. Good results are almost guaranteed.

    Clean and Simple Washi Tape Wedding Card from 365 Days of Crafts

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    Swiss Dot Embossed Wedding Card

    embossed wedding card
    Heart Prints

    White is a symbol of purity and is lovely when used for wedding greeting cards. A simple swiss dot embossed background adorned with two heart shapes and a beautiful ribbon is perfect for a classic wedding card.

    Wedding Anniversary Card from Heart Prints

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    Doily Wedding Dress Card

    doily wedding dess card
    Everyday Dishes

    Make the sweetest wedding dress greeting card from a white paper doily. It looks fabulous paired with a brown Kraft paper background. The greeting card design also doubles as a bridal shower invitation.

    DIY Wedding Cards from Everyday Dishes

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    Paper Doily Wedding Card

    paper lace wedding card with monogram
    Damask Love

    Attach a paper doily to a cardstock background and add the monogram of the bride and groom for a personalized wedding card.

    Pastel Monogram Card Set from Damask Love

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    A Floral Themed Wedding Card

    gold heart surrounded by paper flowers wedding card

    A unique floral and gold heart greeting card is perfect for those attending a summer wedding. The gold heart symbolizes eternal unconditional love surrounded by pretty white paper flowers—what a lovely card that is also a bit unusual!

    Floral Themed Wedding Card from Imagine

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    Bright Watercolor Flower Card

    watercolor flower wedding card
    Nichol Spohr LLC

    Most wedding cards are either white or pastel-colored. Some brides are avant-garde and may enjoy a boho styled wedding card. The colors are bright, sunny, and cheerful and will send wishes of joy to the happy couple.

    Watercolored Spring Blossoms from Nichol Spohr LLC

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    Gold Heart Wedding Wishes

    love themed card
    Nichol Spohr LLC

    This version of a die-cut wedding card is designed using a rich gold color scheme. What an elegant and luxurious handmade card.

    Loved Themed Die Cut Card from Nichol Spohr LLC

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    Custom Pop up Wedding Card

    raised letter card
    Hello Cupcake Cook!

    Sometimes a simple card is the best. Just print out the letters, heart, and numbers in any word processing software. Then cut with a Xacto knife, being careful to leave the bottoms uncut. Pop them out, so they are standing at a 90-degree angle. You can't use an envelope with this card unless you flatten the card, but who cares! The design of the card is so sentimental that it will be treasured.

    Custom 3D Wedding Card DIY from Hello Cupcake Cook!

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    3D Card

    embossed flower card
    Poppy's Papercraft Patch

    Cut out some flowers on a digital die cut machine and glue onto cardstock with a 3D look. Add some ombre watercolor paints to the background, and you are finished. You now have a gorgeous card that looks like a work of art.

    3D Flower Card from Poppy's Papercraft Patch

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    Money Holder Card

    money holder card
    Lia Griffith

    A gift of cash to the happy couple is often one of the most appreciated wedding presents. Make a charming envelope card to present your money gift.

    Elegant Money Holder Congratulations Card from Lia Griffith

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    White Flower Heart Card

    heart made from paper flowers
    Handmade by Fiona

    A heart filled with flowers is a simple but elegant wedding card—relaxed, upscale, and understated simplicity all in one design.

    Lots of Lovely Flowers from Handmade by Fiona

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    Birdie Card

    two birds in love wedding cards
    Kasia Kleszko

    Two lovebirds facing each other are the symbol of a marriage union. This is a whimsical card that will bring a smile to the happy couple.

    Birdies in Love Card from Kasia Kleszko

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    Card Album Keepsake

    wedding card album
    Something Turquoise

    Every couple needs an album to organize all of their wedding cards. Why not give your card tucked into a handmade keepsake album? This extra-special gift will surely stand out.

    DIY Wedding Card Keepsake Album from Something Turquoise