15 DIY Winter Wreaths

Minimalist Gold Wreath

Making Joy and Pretty Things

Welcome the season’s change this winter with a festive homemade wreath. Whether you display a wreath proudly on your front door, over the fireplace mantel, or on a blank wall it can add a sense of snug homeyness to your holiday decor. Opt for fresh greenery, flowers, and cinnamon sticks to embellish your wreath with festive aromas in addition to creating a pretty focal point, but reach for patterned paper, textured yarn, or sumptuous fabric to create a piece that will last for many holiday seasons. With foam, wire, and wooden wreath forms readily available online and at most craft and hardware stores, getting started in wreath making is both accessible and simple. So, on the next chilly day, settle in for an afternoon of crafting to create your own personalized winter wreath using one of the clever ideas here.

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    Yarn Wreath

    Yarn Wreath

    A Pretty Life

    There’s nothing simpler than wrapping a styrofoam wreath form in a festive winter adornment (think: silk ribbon, faux greenery, or ombre yarn) and calling it a day. Don’t forget to finish things off with a big bow, which as a bonus, camouflages an easy hanging hook. 

    Yarn Wreath from A Pretty Life

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    Burlap Wreath

    Burlap Wreath

    Love of Family and Home

    For a rustic-chic take on a winter wreath, opt for neutral burlap and pine needles. Scavenge a couple of pine cones and sprigs of green from the backyard to make sure this wreath captures that home-for-the-holidays coziness. 

    Burlap Wreath from Love of Family and Home

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    Grapevine Wreath

    Grape Vine Wreath

    Style Me Pretty

    Start with a grapevine wreath -- the natural, organic shape of grapevines allow for a truly unique, homespun wreath that captures the beauty of a farmhouse winter. Don’t be too precious when adding greens and embellishment to this wreath; the more free-flowing and loose your artistry on this one, the better. 

    Grapevine Wreath from Style Me Pretty

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    Layered Paper Wreath

    Paper Wreath

    Jennifer Maker

    Calling all paper crafters! Cut dozens of leaves, curl, and apply to a foam or wire wreath form for a striking, unique piece of holiday decor. The best part about paper crafting? You can fully customize your project to match your home’s decor and aesthetic and unlike fresh greens, this wreath will last for years and years. 

    Layered Paper Wreath from Jennifer Maker

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    Wreath with Bells

    Wreath with Bells

    The Turquoise Home

    Welcome holiday guests with fragrant greens and the sound of jingling bells with this cozy little wreath. For the most wintry vibe, coat a few sprigs of pine with spray-on faux frost (available at most craft stores) to give the illusion of just-frozen, snow-touched foliage. 

    Wreath with Bells from The Turquoise Home

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    Pom Pom Wreath

    Pom Pom Wreath

    Modern Glam

    Get a little whimsical this holiday season: create a wreath out of fuzzy, cute pom-poms. There are limitless possibilities here; try a monochromatic color scheme for a modern, artistic take, or opt for rainbow hues to bring some color into your holiday decor. 

    Pom Pom Wreath from Modern Glam

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    Dried Flower Wreath

    Dried Flower Wreath

    Green Wedding Shoes

    Pretty enough to be hung all year long, this winter wreath makes innovative use of grapevine and dried flowers. Stick to a single color of leaves and blooms for the most striking effect.

    Pro tip: leave a section of the wreath bare -- the incomplete floral circle lends an organic aesthetic to this creative piece of decor. 

    Dried Flower Wreath from Green Wedding Shoes

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    Minimalist Gold Wreath

    Minimalist Gold Wreath

    Making Joy and Pretty Things

    Source a gold-toned hoop to start this project (think: macrame rings, thick gauge craft wire, or an old photo frame). Embellish the gold ring with silk flowers and leaves, but leave this piece uncrowded for a clean, contemporary look that's the perfect addition to a modern home.

    Minimalist Gold Wreath from Making Joy and Pretty Things

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    Book Page Wreath

    Book Page Wreath

    Sparkles of Sunshine

    If you have a couple of copies of a favorite novel laying around (bonus points if you select a book with a cold-weather setting), tear a handful of pages from it to create a non-traditional book page wreath. Dipping the ends of each page in a contrasting color paint helps add dimension and interest. 

    Book Page Wreath from Sparkles of Sunshine

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    Multi Plaid Wreath

    Plaid Wreath

    Sadie Seasongoods

    Get mad for plaid this holiday season and create your own power-clashing, patterned wreath. Visit a second-hand store to source a couple of varieties of plaid fabric (button-down shirts work especially well). Gather plaids with a common color or two to ensure a cohesive finished look. 

    Multi Plaid Wreath from Sadie Seasongoods

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    White and Gold Floral Wreath

    White and Gold Floral Wreath

    A Beautiful Mess

    For a seasonal wreath that pops against a pastel-colored front door, opt for a completely light and neutral color scheme. Shades of white flowers work perfectly, but don’t hesitate to make things truly pop with pretty shiny metallic accents. 

    White and Gold Floral Wreath from A Beautiful Mess

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    Oversized Hula Hoop Wreath

    Hula Hoop Wreath

    Damask Love

    If your household always goes big for the holidays, this oversized paper version is the wreath project for you. Start with a hula hoop as a base, and decorate to your tastes. Paper embellishment is perfect here -- it’s lightweight and is easily adhered with hot glue. 

    Oversized Hula Hoop Wreath from Damask Love

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    Velvet Wreath

    Velvet Wreath

    Pretty Providence

    Textural interest can make even the most homemade accent pieces look expensive, so reach for the velvet this winter to make a luxe seasonal wreath. Don’t forget to secure everything to the underside of the wreath form so your finished product looks polished and professional. 

    Velvet Wreath from Pretty Providence

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    Eucalyptus Wreath

    Eucalyptis Wreath

    Harlow and Thistle

    For a Victorian-inspired holiday look, try a wreath made from fragrant greens (Eucalyptus is a great option) and accented with a simple black velvet bow. Use fresh greenery in this piece; it’ll only last a season but the aroma will fill your hearth (and you’ll be able to redesign every year ensuring timely, trendy holiday decor). 

    Eucalyptus Wreath from Harlow and Thistle

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    Iridescent Wreath

    Iridescent Wreath

    Lovely Indeed

    If your holiday decorations tend toward vibrant, sparkly, and a little retro, try an iridescent, textured wreath to set that most-magical-time-of-year tone. This is one project that’s definitely not subtle, so don't be afraid to hit it with extra glitter at every opportunity. 

    Iridescent Wreath from Lovely Indeed