28 Easy-to-Make DIY Paper Flowers

Illustration of paper flower art

Illustration: The Spruce / Kaley McKean

Want to know how to elevate your decorations game without using real flowers? Paper flowers are surprisingly easy to make and the project is a great way to sharpen your paper crafts skills. Below, find 28 fun and easy DIY paper flower tutorials for you to follow.

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    Oversized Paper Flowers

    how to make large paper flowers
    Caylin Harris

    These oversized flowers make beautiful wall decor or even pretty centerpieces! Make a bunch to create a collage or photo backdrop for your next party.

    Large Paper Flowers from The Spruce

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    Photobooth Factory Scattered Flowers Paper Craft

    paper flower photo backdrop
    Lovely Indeed

    Photo backdrops for parties seem to be all the rage these days. Make some colorful tissue paper flowers and attach them artistically on a wall. Brightly colored paper flowers will add a "pop" to your pictures without costing a lot of money for photo props or backgrounds. This beautiful paper floral backdrop would be an excellent party decoration for a wedding or shower. Or put the flowers on your walls at home to just brighten up your living spaces! 

    DIY Photobooth Backdrop from Lovely Indeed

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    Pretty Tissue Paper Flowers

    diy tissue paper flowers
    Caylin Harris

    Tissue paper flowers are super easy to make and look delightful when arranged in a metal watering can. The bright colors will lift your spirits when the weather is cold or gloomy. Make some cheery upbeat paper flowers to brighten your home today!

    Tissue Paper Flowers from The Spruce

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    Crepe Paper and Watercolor Flower

    paper peonies
    Craftberry Bush

    These paper peonies are the most beautiful you'll ever find. The peonies are made from white crepe paper and painted with watercolors, resulting in lovely delicate paper flowers that look almost real. Don't skip this project.

    Make several and welcome Spring into your home this year with a lovely peony arrangement. It will look stunning and add a fresh look to your home decor.

    Crepe and Watercolor Flower Tutorial from Craftberry Bush

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    Paper Plate Flowers

    paper plate flower
    Muslin and Merlot

    Did you know that you can craft stunning paper flowers from paper plates? This tutorial teaches how to make higher quality paper flowers out of the most basic products. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to have beautiful party decorations. All you need is paint, paper and a little bit of craftiness, as this project proves.

    These flowers would look stunning as a photo backdrop for your next event—no one will ever guess that the blossoms had such humble beginnings.

    Paper Plate Flowers from Muslin and Merlot

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    Freesia Paper Flower Craft

    paper freesia craft
    Lia Griffith

    Learn how to make freesias and welcome Spring back again! This floral craft is a Lia Griffith design, and like her other projects, it is gorgeous. She states that this is one of the more time-consuming paper flowers she offers, but promises the end results are worth the time and effort. They are ideal for decorating your home this spring. 

    Freesia Paper Flower from Lia Griffith

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    Giant Crepe Paper Flowers

    giant crepe paper flower
    Happy Hour Projects

    Bigger is better! Have some fun making giant crepe paper flowers to decorate your home, party or just for enjoyment with your children. They make lovely photo props and will add pops of color to your pictures.

    Younger children will like building these giant beauties then posing for pictures with them.  Make your family photo portrait special with these unusual photo props and enjoy the memories for years to come!

    How to Make Giant Crepe Paper Flowers from Happy Hour Projects

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    Paper Flower Backdrop with Leaf

    paper flower backdrop
    Ash and Crafts

    This paper flower craft project works well as either home decor or as a photo backdrop. Don't let the picture above fool you! The flowers may look small, but they are actually a full 12 inches in size. These beauties look especially elegant when made from pastel-colored paper.

    Paper Flower Backdrop and Leaf Tutorial from Ash and Crafts

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    Square Paper Flower Wreath

    square paper flower wreath
    Homemade Ginger

    Most wreaths are circular, so it is quite refreshing to see this colorful square-shaped tissue paper flower wreath. Pretty and bright, its appearance clearly says "Welcome Spring." This wreath would work very well as an Easter holiday decoration.

    Square Paper Flower Wreath from Homemade Ginger

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    Cupcake Liner Paper Flower Craft

    cupcake liner flowers
    Elegance and Enchantment

    SometimespPaper flowers are produced from unexpected sources. Would you believe these are made from cupcake liners? The fluted ridges of the liners add just the right amount of texture making these flowers pop. This project is a perfect paper flower craft to make with your children. Guaranteed!

    Cupcake Liner Paper Flower Craft from Elegance and Enchantment

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    DIY Votive Paper Flower Craft

    diy votive paper flowers
    Dream a Little Bigger

    Make your guests feel special at your next dinner party or party with these paper flower votives that add ambiance to your table when illuminated. And no need to worry about fire hazards: the paper flowers are wrapped around electronic tea lights, so they are very safe. No need to worry about fire hazards.

    DIY Votive Paper Flower Craft from Dream a Little Bigger

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    Paper Wedding Bouquet

    paper wedding flower bouquet
    Lia Griffith

    This beautiful wedding bouquet is a hybrid, with both real and paper floral elements. Adding some crepe paper flowers is a clever way to save a little bit of the cost while still maintaining an upscale look.  You really can't tell the difference unless you take a very close look. What a clever way to save on your wedding budget.

    Paper Wedding Bouquet from Lia Griffith

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    Wildflower Paper Craft

    purple paper wildflowers
    Country Masters

    These lovely purple crepe paper flowers are just the thing to welcome warmer weather after a long winter. Although the instructions are in Russian, the pictures demonstrating the construction techniques are quite easy to follow. The average crafter shouldn't have any problems making this paper flower craft, even if the tutorial is in another language.

    Wildflower Paper Craft Tutorial from Country Masters

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    Paper Wisteria Flower Party Decorations

    paper wisteria
    Sneak Peak

    Wisterias are all-time favorite flowers. These stunning paper versions would be lovely as wedding decor. Can't you just imagine the bride and groom making their vows underneath these paper beauties?

    Paper Wisteria Flower Party Decorations from Sneak Peek

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    Paper Flower Hair Accessory

    girl wearing paper flowers
    Paper & Stitch

    Make some paper flowers and use them as hair accessories. Why not? They look quite nice when you placed them into braided hair or apply as a crown when you have your hair in an updo. The style is bohemian and looks best on younger women. So pretty!

    Paper Flower Hair Accessory from Paper & Stitch

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    Giant Paper Sunflowers

    paper sunflowers
    Nichol Spohr

    Sunflowers make a statement that summer is here—beautiful when arranged in a vase and placed on your kitchen table. Every time you look at them, you will smile and your spirits will be lifted.

    Giant Paper Sunflowers from Nichol Spohr

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    Heart Leaf-Shaped Paper Philodendron Craft

    paper philodendrom

    Although this particular papercraft is not a flower but a plant, the paper philodendron craft nonetheless is still quite lovely. It is a perfect faux plant for a dark corner where nothing can grow. Give your home a fresh look with some simulated greenery.

    Heart Leaf Shaped Paper Philodendron Craft from The House That Lars Built

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    Paper Anemone Flower

    Rita Shehan

    Anemone flowers are traditionally used in wedding decor, but these beautiful paper flowers are suitable for any occasion. Throw together a few of these paper lovelies for some color that won't fade.

    Paper Anemone Flower from The Spruce

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    Heart-Shaped Rolled Paper Flower Wall Decor

    rolled paper flower heart
    Canary Street

    Paper flowers can look almost like the real thing, or they can be as unique as you want. It all depends on your imagination and the type of paper you use to construct your flowers. The very best thing about paper flowers is that you will never have to water them. Gotta love that! 

    Heart-Shaped Rolled Paper Flower Wall Decor from Canary Street Crafts

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    Red Rose Party Decor

    paper rose wall decoration
    Printable Crush

    Instructions for this red rose project includes templates for the flowers—make some of these for your next party! These flowers are cleverly attached to a wall with Command Poster Strips that will minimize wall damage.

    How to Make Easy Paper Roses from Printable Crush

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    Tissue Paper Flower Gift Toppers

    tissue paper flower gift topper
    The House That Lars Built

    Presents are so exciting when you take the time and effort to wrap them beautifully. Elegant packaging can make a simple gift look like much, much more. The tissue paper gift toppers look dramatic when placed on top of dark wrapping paper, with matching ribbon. These paper flowers are guaranteed to put a smile on the gift recipients face.

    DIY Tissue Paper Flower Gift Topper from The House that Lars Built

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    Crepe Paper Peony Flower

    paper peonies
    Torie Jayne

    Peonies are always a sign of early summer. These delicately colored peony flowers look stunning. They will remind you of long, lazy summer days, visiting with friends and lemonade. Simply beautiful!

    Crepe Paper Peony Flower Tutorial from Torie Jayne

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    Black and White Paper Paper Blossom Craft

    paper blossoms
    Vitamini Handmade

    This black paper poppy craft was originally designed as a Halloween craft, but is fabulous at any time of the year! The flower and vase are simple in design and are a beautiful example of the "less is more"  principle.

    Paper Blossoms from Vitamini Handmade

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    DIY Paper Magnolia Blossoms

    paper magnolias
    Vitamini Handmade

    Welcome spring into your home with crepe paper magnolias. The flowers are glued to an actual branch, which adds a touch of realism to the project. Arrange them in a vase, and enjoy!

    DIY Paper Magnolia Blossoms from Vitamini Handmade

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    Beautiful Paper Magnolia Flowers

    paper magnolia flowers
    Lia Griffith

    Paper crafter extraordinaire Lia Griffith designed these magnificent magnolias. Paper magnolias have never looked more beautiful. Make sure to read the comments section underneath the tutorial for Lisa's paper source suggestions. The right type of paper helps turn paper flowers from ordinary to ones that are "Oh, so special!".

    Paper Magnolia Flower from Lia Griffith

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    Succulents Are All the Rage

    Four Paper Succulent Tutorials
    Lia Griffith

    Succulents are very trendy right now. They seem to be everywhere! This project shows just how easy it is to make paper versions of these plants. The project also includes beautiful photos showing examples of several lovely arrangements made from four plant designs.

    Four Paper Succulent Tutorials from Lia Griffith

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    Kraft Paper Flower

    spiral paper flower
    Rita Shehan

    Make these stunning paper flowers from ordinary kraft paper to lend an organic feel to your home decor. This project is an intermediary level that may not be suitable for beginners. The flowers do take some time and effort to produce, but you will certainly be happy with the results. The paper flowers are striking and look lovely in a vase in groups of three.

    Beautiful Kraft Paper Flower from TheSpruce

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    How to Make a Paper Daisy

    paper daisy
    Rita Shehan

    Daisies have always been the favorite flower for many people, ideal for simple bouquets but also fabulous for weddings, baby showers, and bridal party decor. This sweet flower is so versatile!

    Make some paper daisies for your party or home decoration, and enjoy their beauty for a long time to come!

    How to Make a Paper Daisy from The Spruce