Low-Cost Craft Classes for Kids at Michaels

Cheap Craft Classes the Kids Will Love

Teacher explaining glazing techniques to students in art class
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Michaels' Kids Club (formerly The Knack) is a crafts club for kids sponsored by Michaels craft stores. As members of the Michaels' Kids Club, kids will get access to freebies, coupons and free and low-cost craft classes.

For those crafty parents, Michaels also has low-cost craft classes for adults.

Michaels Kids Club Craft Classes

The free and low-cost craft classes at Michaels ranges from projects like gifts, holiday decorations, cards, totes, flower arrangements and food decorating. No matter what your child is interested in, they're sure to find a Michaels' Kids Club class that interests them.

These classes range from free to $5 with most of the classes being $2 each. The age range varies depending on the class but they are geared towards children at least 3 years old.

Registering for Michaels' Kids Club Craft Classes

Visit Michaels Classes and scroll down to see all the events that will be happening at Michaels this month. 

Besides the class, it will have details of the event including the date, time, cost, age range, and if supplies are included or not. Click View Details for a more detailed description of the class.

If you see a Sign-Up link by the project you'll need to register your child for the class. The ones without this option are drop-in classes that don't require registration. 

You can follow the link to sign-up for the class or view the dates and times for all the classes at your local Michaels by visiting the online catalog of classes. Here you'll also see the cost, number of sessions, and seats available. You can use the Buy Now button to register and pay for the class. If the class is within 24 hours, you'll need to call your local store to register. 

Attending the Michaels' Kids Club Craft Classes

Take the kids to the Michaels' where you've registered on the day and time of the class. If there's a classroom area, the class will be held in there. Instead, it may be held at a table somewhere in the store if they don't have a classroom. 

Make sure you've brought your supplies if needed, but most of the time Michaels will include the supplies. A few of the classes may be complicated enough that they will want a parent to stay with the child but most of the classes are great for dropping the kids off and doing some shopping for yourself.

Kids Craft Projects at Home

Michaels also has a nice selection of free projects that can be completed at home.