The 2023 Canadian International Auto Show wrapped up a few days ago and of the most interesting cars on display was a 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 police cruiser.

The mid-engined supercar was put on display by the OPP Highway Safety Division of the Ontario Provincial Police and while it initially slid under our radar, we recently came across a series of tweets showcasing the car in full.

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A handful of alterations make the car stand out from a typical Corvette Z06. Most notable is the black and white paint scheme that mimics the look of other cars in the fleet of the Ontario Provincial Police. It also features ‘Police’ stickers on the front and rear quarter panels while found on the doors are small ‘3-088’ decals. The 3 represents the racing number of Dale Earnhardt while the 88 is the racing number of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Before you get too excited by the idea of police in Canada chasing after criminals in the mid-engined supercar, it’s worth noting that this Z06 was used exclusively for promotional purposes at the auto show in a bid to help the police force recruit budding officers. We have no doubt that it attracted plenty of auto show attendees and may have gotten some of them to start thinking about ways that they can serve the community.

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We suspect the Corvette itself was either loaned to the police by a local Chevrolet dealership for the duration of the show or it may have been loaned by its owner.

Opening screenshot via YouTube/Great White North Corvette