12 Macrame Projects (That Aren't Wall Hangings)

A macrame plant hanger with plant

Os Tartarouchos / Getty Images

If you grew up in the 1970s or have been on Pinterest in the last several years, you are likely familiar with the term macrame. Macrame projects have intricate designs created with several knots, and they come in various shapes and sizes.

The most common examples on the internet are wall hangings, but there is so much more you can do with this technique and material. And while we're always excited to make one of these stunning projects, we decided to shift the focus away from the wall and to ideas that are more functional.

These macrame tutorials are perfect for beginners, and a few can be completed without making a single knot. One tutorial doesn't use knots at all but instead uses macrame cord for weaving. Want to learn more? Check out our favorite examples below.

However, before you get started and tackle any of the following projects, first learn how to make some basic macrame knots. Practice these knots as much as possible until you're confident in the result.


Free Up Your Counter Space With This DIY Macrame Fruit Hammock

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    Use Basic Knots to Craft a Macrame Table Runner

    diy macrame table runner

    A Beautiful Mess 

    There are several macrame table runners out there, but we love this one from A Beautiful Mess. The pictures break the pattern down into manageable steps and the instructions are simple. It can be hard to figure out how to make a knot without a video, but these photos give you a great idea of what each knot is supposed to look like.

    Simple Macrame Table Runner from A Beautiful Mess

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    Make a Plant Hanger in a Bright Color

    Macrame plant hanger

    A Subtle Revere

    This macrame plant holder is perfect for beginners because the pattern is straightforward and not too fussy. To make such a simple planter look more extravagant, Victoria from A Subtle Revere decided to add a fun pop of color. Visit her tutorial for all the steps to complete this project.

    Macrame Plant Hanger DIY from A Subtle Revere

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    Use This Pattern to Make a Macrame Purse

    macrame purse tutorial

    Fall for DIY 

    This macrame handbag might seem hard to make, but a beginner could complete the project with relative ease since the thread is thicker and the knots are larger. As a general rule, the larger the knot, the fewer you'll have to make. Francesca from Fall for DIY is a pro and designing projects that look good enough to be store-bought, which is evident in this handbag. She happily provides a lot of value to her readers with this free macrame pattern, so be sure to save her page to make your own someday.

    How to Make This DIY Macrame Tote Bag from Fall for DIY

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    Embellish a Hammock with Macrame Trim

    hammock with macrame trim

    At Home with Ashley

    If you had the time and supplies, you could certainly learn how to knot an entire hammock for your outdoor area. If you do attempt this, make sure your cord is strong enough to withstand body weight. However, you don't need to start from scratch to achieve the look of a macrame hammock. This DIY project from At Home with Ashely focuses the macrame detailing to just the edges. Check out her tutorial to see how she transformed a basic hammock into a more bohemian one.

    DIY Boho Hammock from At Home with Ashley

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    Learn How to Make Macrame Jewelry

    macrame necklace

    Lia Griffith

    Try to incorporate some basic macrame knots into your crafting repertoire if you want to be able to make stylish gifts at a moment's notice. In fact, once you have the main knots down, you'll be able to make necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories in a couple of hours or less. To get started, this tutorial from Lia Griffith will teach you how to make this beautiful macrame charm necklace.

    Simple DIY Macrame Necklace from Lia Griffith

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    Make This Versatile Macrame Strap

    macrame camera strap on white marble background

    Lovely Indeed

    Chelsea from Lovely Indeed intended for this macrame strap to be used for a camera, but it could also be used for a tote or handbag. View her step-by-step guide to learn the knot and customize the strap for your needs. You could even use a smaller gauge thread and make sunglass holders. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

    DIY Macrame Camera Strap from Lovely Indeed

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    Save Time Making These Cheat Macrame Feathers

    feather macrame earrings


    Macrame feathers are a popular staple in the macrame project world, but they can be time consuming to make. Claire from Adorablest shows her readers how to fake the look with a single knot. Check out her tutorial for more details.

    DIY Cheat Macreme Feathers from Adorablest

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    Knot a Case for Sunscreen and Accessories

    macrame sunscreen holder

    Fish & Bull

    Macrame is a textile that is often associated with summer. Because of this, it makes sense that this knotty macrame holder was fashioned for sunscreen. You could also make a similar key ring for hand sanitizer or lotion. Anusha from Fish & Bowl does a great job of breaking down each step on her blog.

    DIY Macrame Sunscreen Holder from Fish & Bull

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    Make These Giant Macrame Rope Lights

    macrame light

    Vintage Revivals

    Mandi from Vintage Revivals offers up a lot of home-related DIY projects that are accessible and affordable. We love her take on macrame rope lights, and she does a wonderful job explaining how to make your own. She claims the project is so easy that you can binge watch Netflix while knotting this rope, which should be all the more reason to try this one out.

    Giant Macrame Rope Lights from Vintage Revivals

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    Embellish a Throw Pillow With Macrame Trim

    two macrame pillows on light gray background

    Reality Daydream 

    If you love the look of macrame but don't have much dexterity when it comes to knotting, consider purchasing some macrame trim that's pre-made. Bethany from Reality Daydream upgrades these basic throw pillows with some well-placed trim. Check out the tutorial to find out how the pillows went from boring to boho.

    Macrame Fringe Pillow Cover Tutorial from Reality Daydream

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    Create a Plant Holder With Multiple Levels

    layered plant holder made of macrame

    Ohoh Deco

    Making one macrame plant holder is pretty straightforward, but making one with multiple levels is a little more complicated. Amaryllis from Ohoh Deco shows her readers how to make this macrame project with clear pictures and instructions, so be sure to visit the tutorial if you want to know more. Also, consider filling the ceramic bowls with something other than plants, like fruit or glass buoys for a coastal take.

    How to Make a Plant Holder with Ceramic Bowls from Ohoh Deco

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    Update an Old Lawn Chair

    macrame arm chair

    A Beautiful Mess

    Most lawn chairs become unusable after a while and need to either be replaced or repaired. Elsie and Emma at A Beautiful Mess came up with an affordable way to give a broken aluminum armchair a makeover using macrame cord. The technique isn't a typical macrame knot. Instead, the tutorial will show you how to weave the macrame cord, which has become a popular (and more comfortable) alternative.

    Aluminum Armchair Makeover from A Beautiful Mess