Magical Paper Snowflake Craft Projects

17 Ways to Incorporate Snowflakes Into Your Christmas Holiday Decor

Paper snowflake on tree

Natalia Ganelin / Getty Images

In the real world snowflakes or snow crystals (the proper scientific name) are beautiful works of nature. Although each one has six arms, no two snowflakes will ever be alike. The crafting world is no different. You will find thousands of ways to make crafty paper snowflakes. The following article has nifty projects to inspire you.

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    Snowflake Themed Table Setting

    snowflake napkin holder and plate charger
    Lia Griffith

    You don't have to spend a ton of money to make your holiday table beautiful. Place a large white cut paper snowflake under a transparent glass dinner plate, and you have instant holiday decor. Top your place setting with a napkin adorned with paper snowflake ring. The look is elegant is and festive but easy on the budget. We all love that!

    Host a Frozen Themed Party from Lia Griffith

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    Paper Snowflake Window Curtain

    snowflake curtain
    In My Own Style

    Paper snowflakes can look beautiful in your windows as holiday curtains. String the paper snowflakes onto thin filament with beads and whatever else you wish to hang onto the line. Hang several of these snowflake lines onto a curtain rod and voila. Instant holiday curtains. Your home will be festive on the inside, and folks walking by will enjoy your holiday splendor from the outside.

    How to Make Paper Snowflakes Into a Window Curtain from In My Own Style

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    How to Make Cheap Snowflakes out of Paper Tubes

    toilet paper tube snowflake
    Cook'n with Mrs. G

    Paper tube crafts have been around for quite some time, but we never tire of them. Paper crafts from recycled paper towel and toilet paper rolls are thrifty to make and can yield surprisingly good results. You can make some gorgeous holiday snowflakes for pennies, letting you have more of your money to spend on crafting supplies. 

    This lovely snowflake is made by flattening out the paper tube and cutting 1/2 inch segments into paper circles. Paint and glue the circles together in any snowflake shape you desire. Add some bling to your paper tube snowflakes to make them pop. Glitter will make your snowflake decorations sparkle and shine. Such festive results.

    How to Make Cheap Snowflakes out of Paper Tubes from Cook'n with Mrs. G

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    Giant Paper Snowflakes

    wall sized paper snowflakes
    Oh Happy Day

    Who says paper snowflakes have to be small?. Make fabulous giant-sized paper snowflakes to decorate your walls. All you need is some butcher paper and a plan. The author of this tutorial says that these snowflakes can be intricately designed and cut because you have more space to work with extra large-sized sheets of butcher paper. These decorated walls will still be enjoyed in your home even after the holiday season is over.

    Giant Paper Snowflakes from Oh Happy Day

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    Paper and Glitter Glue Snowflake Suncatcher

    stained glass look paper snowflake
    Happiness is Homemade

    Suncatchers are always beautiful, but stained glass projects are a bit too advanced for younger children. Make some copycat suncatchers from chipboard and glitter glue. Make this lovely holiday craft with your kids when they are on Christmas break from school and boredom has joined your household. The snowflakes will look so cute hanging from a window in your home. You will want to keep them on display even after the holiday season is over.

    Glittery “Stained Glass” Snowflakes from Happiness is Homemade

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    Snowflake Gift Tags

    snowflake gift tags
    White House Crafts

    One can never have too many gift tags on hand during the holiday season. Keep up the snowflake theme with these cute silver tags. You can create these in minutes using a tag punch, foam snowflakes, and glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. Your presents will sparkle and look "oh so pretty" with this cute embellishment. The gift recipient will feel extra special since you took the time to wrap the gift with handmade "care."

    Silver and Blue Snowflake Gift Tags from White House Crafts

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    Poster Board Snowflakes for Christmas Tree Decor

    posterboard snowflake
    Cuckoo 4 Design

    Ikea is a company that is a legend in design. This year they have beautiful cardboard snowflake ornaments for sale. Although Ikea doesn't charge all that much for their white cardboard snowflake ornaments, we crafty types always like to make our version. The tutorial by Cuckoo 4 Design will show you how. Why not have a winter wonderland tree this year just decorated with paper snowflakes from top to bottom? Breathtaking!

    Posterboard Snowflake for Christmas Tree Decor from Cuckoo 4 Design

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    Paper Snowflake Lace Curtain

    paper snowflake lace curtain
    Paper and Stitch

    This snowflake curtain is similar to the one featured above from In My Own Style. The paper snowflakes, however, are placed on the line touching one another with no in-between space. This technique produces a delicate lace-like effect which can be quite stunning on your window during the holiday season.

    Snowflakes DIY Idea from Paper and Stich

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    Paper Snowflake in the Shape of a Moose

    girl holding moose snowflake

    They say that no two snowflakes are alike, but have you ever seen one in the shape of a moose? Gina from will not only show you how to make a moose snowflake, but she will also teach you how to make a horse and snowman snowflake too. They are too cute. Free templates are also provided for download, so your project is guaranteed to be successful.

    Dala Horse, Moose, and Snowman Snowflakes from Willowday

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    Snowflakes on a Branch

    children under paper snowflakes
    Lila Was Here

    Decorate your home for the holidays in a simple contemporary style. Hang a branch from the ceiling and tie lines of paper snowflakes onto the branch. Simple yet so elegant. The dark grey background works exceptionally well with this home decor snowflake project. The kids in the photo are super cute too.

    Snowflakes Hanging From a Branch from Lila Was Here

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    Let It Snow Wooden Sign

    let it snow sign
    The Handyman's Daughter

    Construct this wooden plaque from 1x4 and 1x6 wooden boards paint it midnight blue, stencil and then decorate it with snowflake embellishments. Vineta from The Handyman's Daughter made this sign to replace the television on the wall for the holidays, but it could work anywhere in your home. It would even look cute as a sign adorning your home outside. What a lovely way to welcome guests when they visit your home.

    Let It Snow Sign from The Handyman's Daughter

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    Let It Snow Home Decor

    paper snowflakes hanging in a hallway
    I Heart Organizing

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! You can transform any room in your home into a winter wonderland. Even your hallway. Cut out snowflakes by hand, or if you want a perfect snowflake, use your die cut machine. Hang them from the ceiling in whatever room you wish. Children will be mesmerized with this holiday decor.

    Let It Snow Hanging Decor from I Heart Organizing

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    3D Pop up Snowflake

    3d pop up snowflake

    Paper snowflakes don't have to be one dimensional. This project is proof of that. 3D snowflakes are a little bit complicated, but the tutorial provides an easy to follow video tutorial. Just follow the steps, and you will soon master these beautiful snowflake sculptures.

    Pop up Snowflakes from Kokotak

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    Paper Snowman and Snowflake Window Decor

    paper snowmen with a string of paper snowflakes
    Stylowy Grudzien

    Hang up these cute snowmen and hanging snowflakes in your window and watch the people who pass by smile when they look at them. This holiday decor is so sweet they will not be able to help themselves.

    The site doesn't provide any electronic die cutting files or pdf templates, but crafty types could probably come up with some similar using purchased die cut files or clip art. Where there is a will, there is a way. Get crafting!

    Paper Snowman and Snowflake Window Decor from Stylowy Grudzien

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    Electric Snowflake Lamps

    snowflake lams

    Let's face it. The holidays can be stressful, and sometimes we are just too tired to create any holiday decorations by hand. There is no shame in purchasing Christmas decor especially if they are these fabulous hanging snowflake lights made from paper. They are stunning! Not only will they look lovely in your home for the holidays but you can even use them for other times of the year. The beautiful glow from these lights will add holiday ambiance to any of your gatherings.

    Large Holiday Snowflake Lights: Snowflake Pendant Lamp from nova68