How To Make an Origami Flower

Origami Blossom Flower Diagram 01

Paper Kawaii

Description and Materials

This traditional origami flower is unique in that it has eight petals. These origami flowers have little stems at the back and would make a great flower for a man's shirt at a wedding or dance.

You'll need just one sheet of square paper for this origami flower, it's recommended to start with paper that is at least 15 x 15 cm.

Make a Square Base

Origami Blossom Flower Diagram 02
Paper Kawaii
  1. Starting with your paper white side up, fold the paper in half diagonally both ways, making a giant X on your paper.
  2. Flip the paper over to the other side. Fold the paper in half, from top to bottom and left to right. Unfold.
  3. Rotate the paper, and then bring the left and right corners up, at the same time bring the bottom corner up as well.

Build Upon the Base

Origami Blossom Flower Diagram 03
Paper Kawaii
  1. Flatten the paper, completing the square base. The open end is still at the top.
  2. Fold the bottom right edge into the central crease and unfold.
  3. Reverse squash fold the top layer of the flap you just folded, bringing it to left and flattening it out.
  4. Flip the model to the other side and repeat the process, then open out the left and right sections, repeating the process on all 4 sides.
  5. Fold the left flap over to the right, so that you are looking at a plain white diamond.

Make the Triangular Flap

Origami Blossom Flower Diagram 04
Paper Kawaii
  1. Fold the top section down.
  2. Fold the top sections down on all of the other sides.
  3. Fold the left sections over to the right, pushing the central crease to make it easier.
  4. Make a diagonal crease from the left point of the outer triangular flap at about a 4‚Äč o'clock angle, and then reverse that fold, bring the point inside and up to there right.

Finish the Flower

Origami Blossom Flower Diagram 05
Paper Kawaii
  1. Rotate the model to the right a bit, and opening it out a little.
  2. Bring the left and right flaps around to the front, fanning them around.
  3. Turn the flower around and this is what you should have. You can leave it like that or you can shape the petals however you like.

If you enjoyed this origami project, you may also enjoy folding other origami flowers such as a rose