How to Make an Easy Origami Envelope

origami envelope

Paper Kawaii

Project Overview
  • Total Time: 15 mins
  • Skill Level: Beginner

This quick origami envelope is a great model to learn. You don't need any glue because the folding itself will keep the envelope secure, although you can use a bit of glue if you wish. Any time you don't have an envelope handy, you can make one with this technique.

You can use any kind of paper to make an envelope. If you need an envelope for a birthday card, it can be the same wrapping paper you use to wrap the gift. Also think about using any kind of colored, patterned, or scrapbooking paper. Even simple printer paper or a brown paper bag will do.


Watch Now: How to Make an Origami Envelope

What You'll Need


  • 1 Square piece of paper


  1. Begin to Fold

    If your paper has only one colored or printed side, decide if you want it on the inside or the outside of the envelope. If you're sending it in the mail, you may want to opt for the plain side to be outside, using the patterned side to add a pop of color when the recipient opens up the envelope. To have the colorful side facing out, start with the white (or plain) side up; start with the colorful side up if you want the outside to be plain.

    • Take the right corner over to the left corner and make a small pinch in the very center.
    • Now take the bottom corner up to the top and make another small pinch in the center. This gives you an X mark.
    • Fold the left and right corners to meet the center of the X.
    Beginning folds of an origami envelope
    Paper Kawaii
  2. Continue to Fold

    • Bring the top corner to the center and make a light mark in the middle. You now have a crease mark.
    • Fold the bottom corner up to the crease mark, keeping the left and right edges straight.
    • Unfold your paper.
    Folding an origami paper envelope
    Paper Kawaii
  3. Fold the Flaps

    • Fold the right edge of the bottom section inwards, aligning with the crease you just made, and unfold.
    • Fold the left side in the same way and unfold.
    • Fold the bottom corner up to the crease that is indicated.
    • Re-fold the lower right section. Take note of the X that is on the lower central flap underneath. The top right point of the X aligns with the top left corner of the flap on top.
    Folding the flap of an origami envelope
    Paper Kawaii
  4. Make the Mountain Folds

    • Open out the lower section, make a new mountain fold from the central flap, fold the right section underneath the central flap.
    • The photos show how to make the mountain fold and the results.
    • Do the same on the left side.
    Making mountain folds for an origami envelope
    Paper Kawaii
  5. Complete the Folds

    • Re-fold the lower section back up.
    • Insert the left and right flaps inside the central section that is now on the inside.
    • You could use a dab of glue on the flaps to keep them secure.
    • Fold the top down.
    Final folds of an origami envelope
    Paper Kawaii

Your origami envelope is complete and ready to use. Fill it with your card, note, money, or anything else that fits.