12 Olympic Gold Medal Kids Crafts

7 Olympic Gold Medal Kids Crafts

 Homemade Ginger

Kids love medals, and making up gold medals, just like the Olympians wear, will have your kids showing them off with pride. From creating them out of clay or aluminum lids; to edible ones made with Oreos, you and your kids will have fun crafting them together. These medals would be a great project to make at an Olympic-themed kids' party, too.

Have fun making these medals, and get ready to let the games begin!

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    Go for the Gold: Olympic Medal Craft

    Go for the Gold: Olympic Medal Craft

    Challenge your inner Olympic spirit with this gold medal craft. Your kids will love wearing this clay gold medal that they crafted. Read the steps for this project and have fun crafting.

    Go for the Gold: Olympic Medal Craft from Parents.com

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    Aluminum Lid Gold Medal

    Aluminum Lid Gold Medal
    Sturdy For Common Things

    Save aluminum lids, spray paint them gold, attach a ribbon and some stickers, and you've got one good looking medal! Everyone can be a winner with this craft!

    Aluminum Lid Gold Medal from Sturdy For Common Things

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    DIY Sparkly Olympic Medals

    DIY Sparkly Olympic Medals
    Homemade Ginger

    Reward your kids with these bronze, silver, and gold medals. They are sparkly which makes them that much better. These medals are really fun to make too.

    DIY Sparkly Olympic Medals from​ Homemade Ginger

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    Modeling Clay Olympic Medals

    Modeling Clay Olympic Medals
    I Can Teach My Child

    These Olympic gold medals are made using baking soda modeling clay. Your kids are going to love experimenting with this craft and wearing their finished product.

    Modeling Clay Olympic Medals from​ I Can Teach My Child

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    Make a Gold Medal

    Make a Gold Medal
    Paging Supermom

    Don't these gold medals look super official? Go check out this awesome Olympic craft!

    Make a Gold Medal from Paging Supermom

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    Edible Oreo Olympic Medals

    Edible Oreo Gold Medals
    Little Miss Kate & Co.

    Have your gold medal and EAT it too! Oreos and Fruit by the Foot make the perfect supplies to craft these edible delicious gold medals.

    Edible Oreo Olympic Medals from The Exploring Family

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    Olympic Rings Medal

    Olympic Rings Medal

    Honey & Lime

    While you can't eat this medal, Fruit Loops are used for the different color rings. This is an easy project for young children to help make. They'll have fun putting on the "Olympic rings" on the card stock.

    Olympic Rings Medal from Honey & Lime

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    DIY Olympic Medals

    DIY Olympic Medals

    Project Nursery

    Simply made with cardboard, metallic paint, puffy paint, and ribbon, it's easy to make gold, silver, and bronze medals for kids to wear to represent their favorite champion while watching the games or competing in their own.

    DIY Olympic Medals for the Next Generation of Champions from Project Nursery

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    Plastic Lid Olympic Medals

    DIY lid Olympic medals

    Artful Parent

    Save plastic lids (the tops of oatmeal boxes work well) for this project. Simply trace around the lid onto colored paper, cut out the circle and glue it onto the lid; then glue on the ribbon. Decorate the paper with first, second, and third place to get these medals ready. 

    Plastic Lid Olympic Medals from Artful Parent

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    DIY Glittery Olympic Medals

    DIY Glittery Olympic Medals

    U-Create Crafts

    Canning lids sprayed with gold-colored glitter spray paint and red, white, and blue ribbon make some super cute and sparkly gold medals. These can also easily be made using silver and bronze spray paint, so you have all the Olympic medals on hand.

    DIY Glittery Olympic Medals from U-Create Crafts

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    Fun & Easy Olympic Medals

    Fun & Easy Olympic Medals


    You might just have all you need right at your fingertips to make these medals. They are made with cardboard, aluminum foil, paint, a permanent marker for decorating, and ribbon.

    Fun & Easy Olympic Medals from CBC Parents

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    Paper Plate Medals

    Paper Plate Olympic Medals

    No Time for Flash Cards

    These medals are made using paper plates, glitter paint, and ribbon. Super easy! Have a wide paintbrush on hand as this is a good project to do with a toddler.

    Paper Plate Medals from No Time For Flash Cards