12 Paint Chip Art Projects

Paint color samples on small square boards next to paint brushes and tape roll

The Spruce / Sanja Kostic

Paint chip art has become a popular pastime for home renovators and crafters that have a ton of extra paint samples. Even if you don't have extras around the house, it's easy enough to pick out some free paint swatches of your favorite colors at a local paint supplier.

We decided to include a variety of paint chip ideas to get your creative juices flowing. To be included in this round-up, the DIYs had to use paint samples as the main element of the project.

If you want to recreate one of these paint chip projects or make one your own, we suggest heading to a craft store and picking up some craft shape punches to cut down on manual cutting and give you more versatility and precise lines.

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    Add Words to a Paint Chip Project

    paint chip art in frame

    A Beautiful Mess 

    The great thing about paint chip art is that the end result can look very modern and timeless so long as you pick a color palette that works in your home. The team over at A Beautiful Mess decided to pair a simple, clean font with brightly colored squares, and they both work very well together. You could use any font, but choices with thicker letters are easier to cut out. Head on over to their tutorial for detailed instructions and more progress photos.

    Modern Wall Art with Paint Swatches from A Beautiful Mess

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    Leave Negative Space Between Shapes

    paint chip art

    Rita Shehan

    This paint chip art project is easy to complete and highlights how important negative space can be when creating a piece of art. If the entire canvas was filled with small, purple triangles, the art would look too busy. This tutorial breaks down the project into easy steps and includes a pattern that you can print out and follow.

    Make Geometric Wall Art Using Paint Samples from The Spruce

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    Cut Out Hearts for a Festive Garland

    paint chip garland

    Lovely Indeed

    Chelsea from Lovely Indeed figured out a clever way to use old paint chips for a romantic heart garland. Garlands are a staple for people who like to decorate for each season. You could hang the garland in your office, on a mantel, or wherever you want to add a pop of color. You could also change out the shape to fit with other seasons, like four-leaf clovers for St. Patrick's Day. Head over to the tutorial to find out how to put it all together.

    DIY Paint Chip Valentine Garland from Lovely Indeed

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    Make Geometric Wall Art With Paint Chips

    paint chip wall art

    How About Orange

    If you want an easy paint chip art project, stick to one geometric shape in one size. Jessica from How About Orange has several paint chip tutorials on her blog that you should check out. This particular paint chip idea completely transforms the swatches into something new and unrecognizable. Visit her site for a step-by-step guide, so you can make some geometric wall art, too.

    How to Make Easy Paint Chip Wall Art from How About Orange

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    Turn Paint Chips into Bookmarks

    paint chip book marks

    Mama Miss 

    Melissa from Mama Miss decided to upcycle her extra paint chips by turning them into bookmarks. To complete this project, head to your local home improvement store and pick up some paint narrow paint swatches. Then, head over to Mama Miss for the complete tutorial.

    Paint Chip Bookmarks from Mama Miss

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    Use Hexagons to Create This Piece of Art

    geometric paint chip art

    A Charming Project

    Many paint chip art projects involve geometric shapes. If you have craft tools that will punch out shapes, this project will be easier to complete. Otherwise, you could use a stencil and cut all the shapes out by hand. Find out how Enid from A Charming Project decided to complete this art project on her blog.

    DIY Hexagon Framed Art from A Charming Project

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    Give a Paint Chip Banner a Scalloped Edge

    paint chip banner

    Cherished Bliss

    There are a variety of ways you can use paint chips to make banners and garlands for decorating. Ashley from Cherished Bliss opted to keep the paint chips in a recognizable shape and added a fun scalloped edge. Find out where she put the banner and how the whole project came together on her blog.

    Paint Chip Banner from Cherished Bliss

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    Make Some Paint Sample Jewelry

    paint chip earrings

    Thinking Closet

    Paint samples work well for funky jewelry pieces because the card stock is usually thick enough to withstand basic wear and tear. To learn how to make some jewelry using paint chips, head over to the Thinking Closet and follow along with Lauren's step-by-step tutorial.

    Ombre Paint Chip Earrings from Thinking Closet

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    Create Paint Chip Art for a Child's Room

    paint sample art ideas
    The Homes I Have Made

    There are some paint chip projects that use dozens of punched out circles to create mosaic shapes. If you don't want to attempt a shape, keep it simple by lining the circles up to look like fish scales. However, the addition of the owl shape is charming and perfect for a child's room. Head over to the tutorial on The Homes I Have Made for a simple, easy-to-follow pattern that even your kids can complete.

    Owl Paint Chip Art from The Homes I Have Made

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    Put Together a Mini Album Using Paint Swatches

    paint chip album

    Maggie Holmes Design

    It's easy to create a mini notebook using paint chips. One option is to punch holes in the top of each swatch and use a key ring to bind them together. Maggie Holmes Design takes this project one step further by adding an eclectic mix of scrapbooking elements. Head over to her page for more photos and inspiration that you can use when you make one for yourself.

    Paint Swatch Mini Album from Maggie Holmes Design

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    Craft an Educational Color Matching Game

    paint chip color matching game

    One Little Project

    There are dozens of children's games that you can make at home and save yourself a ton of money in the process. The most popular options are both fun and educational like this color matching game from One Little Project. All you need to get started are some paint swatches and clothespins. Visit the tutorial to find out how to put it all together.

    Paint Swatch Clothes Pin Matching Game from One Little Project

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    Store Your Needles in a Paint Chip

    paint chip needle case

    Sew Many Ways 

    This paint chip idea is for all the avid sewers out there. On first glance, it looks like this project is a match case, but this envelope has a more craft-related use. Karen from Sew Many Ways came up with this innovative way to store her needles. To find out how to customize a case for your sewing needles, check out her step-by-step tutorial.

    Paint Chip Needle Case from Sew Many Ways