10 Chic Pegboard Ideas

Modern Pegboard

Alice & Lois


Pegboard might just be the most versatile organizational material available to crafters, artisans, and makers. With a little innovation, you can secure hooks, clips, baskets, and shelves to a standard pegboard to help you store (and display) even the most awkward supply or tool. Keep in mind, most hardware stores will cut a piece of pegboard to order, so don’t let a lack of power tools keep you away from working with it. Maybe the best thing about creating with pegboard? It’s fully customizable and re-customizable; thanks to the gridded holes, any of the modifications you make can be removed, adjusted, and redone.

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    Chalk Outline Kitchen Pegboard

    Chalk Outline Pegboard

    A Beautiful Mess


    This project not only gets your kitchen hardware organized, but it also helps keep them that way thanks to the clever chalk outlines. Spend a good amount of time arranging things just right before committing to the outlines, though, this piece is only truly great if it’s one-hundred percent useful to you and your space. 

    Chalk Outline Kitchen Pegboard from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Donut Board

    Donut Board

    Aww Sam


    The perfect centerpiece for a birthday party, baby shower, or quinceanera, this festive donut board puts a bit of pegboard to perfect use. If you don’t feel comfortable with a jigsaw, ask your friendly neighborhood hardware store if they’ll cut your board into a specific shape. Don’t forget to finish this donut board with a food-safe clear coat for a fully safe project. 

    DIY Donut Board from Aww Sam

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    Ombre Pegboard

    Ombre Pegboard

    The Crafted Life


    For an eye-catching organizational centerpiece, opt for a chic ombre paint job. Spray paint works well and has lasting power on hardwood pegboard, but acrylic paint with a clear topcoat works great too. Attach wire baskets to increase your storage capacity, and finish the piece with varying-sized hooks. 

    Ombre Pegboard from The Crafted Life

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    Craft Room Pegboard

    Craft Room Pegboard

    Pretty Providence


    One of the biggest benefits of getting your craft and art supplies organized is that you’ll be much more likely to use them. Dedicate plenty of wall space to a neutral pegboard that you can customize to house your most-used items -- and don’t forget a few pieces of original artwork and a fun message to inspire your creativity. 

    Craft Room Pegboard from Pretty Providence

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    Giant Cross Stitch

    Cross Stitch Pegboard

    Apricot Polkadot


    Shift the pegboard from an organizational tool and instead employ it as an art backdrop. The perfectly even spacing of the board makes it the perfect canvas for a blown-up cross stitch. Take a cue from Apricot Polkadot and opt for abstract art, but mao out a message or realistic image if that works with our decor, too. 

    Giant Cross Stitch from Apricot Polkadot

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    Pegboard Word Art

    Word Art

    Lovely Indeed


    Bring a craft room, studio, or kids’ playroom to life with a motivational message spelled out in pegboard. If you don’t feel too confident with a jigsaw, source pre-cut letters from a craft store or hardware store and secure them to a spare piece of wood for easy display. 

    Pegboard Word Art from Lovely Indeed

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    Pegboard Wall Art

    Wall Art

    Sugar & Cloth

    For a striking piece of original abstract art, reach for brightly-colored yard instead of paint. Vary your stitches and hues for an interesting, dynamic effect, and mount to a wall like you would a painting. If you aesthetic or decor changes, simply snip through each knot and re-create your art. 

    Pegboard Wall Art from Sugar & Cloth

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    Modern Pegboard

    Modern Pegboard

    Alice & Lois

    Naked wood shelves add a modern elegance to this clean, minimalist pegboard design. Wooden dowels keep these shelves in place, and also allow you to move them on a whim should you choose to display different items. 

    Modern Pegboard from Alice & Lois

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    Chevron Pegboard Art

    Chevron Pegboard



    This is the perfect craft to utilize that spare square of pegboard. Decorate with yarn in a simple chevron pattern (or try stripes, cross stitches, or herringbone), and start with a base coat of paint in a fun color for an even more dramatic finish. 

    Chevron Pegboard Art from Homedit

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    Oversized Pegboard Wall

    Oversized Pegboard

    Place of my Taste


    For the more ambitious (and more comfortable with power tools), consider converting an entire wall into a pegboard organizer. A geometric paint job takes this project to the next level, but a neutral coat of paint works perfectly fine too. A full pegboard wall is a great way to keep your studio space perfectly decorated, organized, and (most importantly) usable. 

    Oversized Pegboard Wall from Place of my Taste