Simple 5 Point Origami Star Instructions

easy origami star tutorial 01
Chrissy Pk
Project Overview
  • Total Time: 10 mins
  • Yield: 1 Origami star
  • Skill Level: Beginner

If you need a quick and pretty paper star, you can learn how to make one using one sheet of paper with this quick photo tutorial. This simple five-point origami star is very easy to make, it also looks the same on both sides, making it a great origami hanging decoration.

The star in the photo is made using thick gold paper, similar paper can be found on Amazon or in craft shops, however, you can use any paper that you like. Wrapping paper makes a great origami paper alternative.


Watch Now: How to Make an Origami 5 Point Star

Children will be able to fold this origami star with some initial help, for a star that young children will have no issues with, there is an even easier origami star.

This origami star is designed by Chrissy Pk.

What You'll Need


  • 1 Piece of origami paper


  1. Fold a Triangle

    Start with your paper white side up.

    • Fold the top point of your paper down to the bottom point and crease.
    • Fold the top left point over to the right and crease.
    • Fold the top right point down to the bottom point.
    • Make sure to fold both layers.
    easy origami star tutorial 02
    Chrissy Pk
  2. Crease and Unfold

    Rotate the paper so that the top point is at the very top, with the bottom left point in the position of the star's bottom left point.

    Fold the two layers you folded down, up to the right, position them where the star's top right point will be.

    Crease well, then unfold the paper.

    easy origami star tutorial 03
    Chrissy Pk
  3. Make the Mountain Fold

    • Unfold the back as well.
    • Re-fold the diagonal crease so that it is a mountain fold.
    • Now it's time to collapse the star. Push the left and right points in, whilst folding the top behind.
    • You will end up with a shape that looks like the face of a cat.
    easy origami star tutorial 04
    Chrissy Pk
  4. Create the Points

    • Crease this well, and make sure both sides are the same.
    • Have a look underneath.
    • The two flaps inside need to overlap.
    • Turn the front flap into the bottom left of the star. Folding it over to the left and creasing well. 
    easy origami star tutorial 05
    Chrissy Pk
  5. Finish Your Origami Star

    • Flip the star over to the other side, fold the bottom left point of the star in the same way.
    • You can see there is a flap that looks out of place.
    • Fold the two layers of that flap over and behind, hiding it and securing the star.
    • Repeat that on the other side and your origami star is complete!
    easy origami star tutorial 06
    Chrissy Pk

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