10 Slime Recipes Kids Will Love

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Kinesthetic learning is important for developing minds, and exploration through smooshing and squeezing slime is a great way to promote tactile understanding. With a multitude of homemade slime recipes and tutorials out there, it’s tough to source ideas that are completely kid-friendly and safe for even the littlest scientists. Glance below for a few fun-to-make, minimal mess, non-toxic slimes perfect for kids of all ages to enjoy. 

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    Basic Slime Recipe

    Light blue slime with plastic animals

    @nadydelarosaphotography / Instagram

    What's the science behind slime? Your kids can play with a gooey, sticky, stretchy substance and get a science lesson all at once. Teach them about polymers and cross-linkers with this educational (and fun) tutorial.

    Basic Slime Recipe from The Spruce

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    Fluffy Slime

    Fluffy green slime

    Making Life Blissful

    Shaving cream, saline solution, and school glue come together for a non-sticky basic slime formula. Add a few drops of food coloring or a dash of glitter, and you’ve got a kid-friendly putty that’s more puffy than sticky. Challenge little ones to create an original sculpture at the end of playtime, then leave it out to dry overnight for a lasting slime time souvenir.

    Fluffy Slime from Making Life Blissful

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    Glitter Glue Slime

    Purple glitter slime

    Mom Luck

    Skip a step and stock up on pre-glittered school glue for a super-quick batch of slime anytime. Just add liquid starch to the glue, and keep kneading by hand until you reach the perfect consistency.

    Pro-tip: Order all ingredients in bulk online, and be ready for slime at a moment’s notice or when the weather washes away outdoor plans.

    Glitter Glue Slime from Mom Luck

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    Laundry Detergent Slime

    Laundry detergent and glue for slime

    The Typical Mom

    Keep kiddos occupied on laundry day. Grab some laundry detergent—bonus if it’s already colored pale purple or light teal—and add a viscous agent to make a matte slime that won’t stick to tiny hands. As a bonus, enjoy a perfumed slime (think: fresh linen or lavender) if you select a scented soap to use in this tutorial.

    Laundry Detergent Slime from The Typical Mom

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    Marshmallow Slime

    Edible marshmallow slime

    Little Bins for Little Hands

    Raid the kitchen for the ingredients to make this edible putty. Heat marshmallows and cooking oil in the microwave—with adult supervision of course—then add cornstarch and knead until the slime comes together. This one is 100 percent non-toxic and safe for extra curious little ones who are still learning by tasting.

    Marshmallow Slime from Little Bins for Little Hands

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    Unicorn Slime

    Unicorn slime

    The Best Ideas for Kids

    Stock up on pastel food coloring to hop on trend with unicorn slime. Mix a big batch of ooze following your go-to recipe, then separate into thirds, and add a few drops of pale blue, pink, and purple food dye to each respective section. Braid your pastels together for a swirled slime that kids will love squeezing and squishing into a colorful, unicorn horn-inspired, jumble.

    Unicorn Slime from The Best Ideas for Kids

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    Glowing Slime

    Glowing slime

    Danya Banya

    You’ll have to source powdered psyllium husks for this recipe, but it’s worth the trip to the health food store (or an online investigation). Mix the powdered husks with crushed B Vitamins—these provide the reflective quality—then add a little water and flip on the black light. Toss in some glow-in-the-dark glitter or reflective sequins, and kids will be in awe at their homemade glowing putty.

    Glowing Slime from Danya Banya

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    Chocolate Slime

    Chocolate slime

    The Soccer Mom Blog

    Not only is this recipe edible, but it’s naturally sweetly scented as well. Bring children into the kitchen to help mix up this batch using cornstarch, cocoa powder, and coconut milk. It’s a completely safe and friendly recipe that kids will love to help concoct. Throw in chocolate chips or sprinkles for a tasty update to your slime time.

    Chocolate Slime from The Soccer Mom Blog

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    Foam Ball Slime

    Kids will spend hours stretching and crunching this dynamic ooze, made more touchable with the addition of teeny foam balls. Invest in big bottles of neon food coloring (use it for anything from cupcakes to crepes), and dye a few different batches for a rainbow of bubbly slime that satisfyingly smacks and snaps when manipulated.

    Foam Ball Slime from Mother's Niche

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    Clear Baking Soda Slime

    Clear slime

    The Typical Mom

    Keeping your recipe clear and colorless can add a scientific component to your slime. Children can mix in beads, buttons, or any other bits to explore their way through various textures and surfaces. Encourage kids to stretch their slime to transparency and view objects through it for a tactile update to a kaleidoscope.

    Clear Baking Soda Slime from The Typical Mom