10 Winter Paper Crafts

Paper houses
Nadzeya_Kizilava / Getty Images

From glowing lanterns, festive Christmas ornaments, and even a beautiful snowy village, this collection of winter paper craft ideas is perfect for the cozy season. If you're stuck inside and have some time on your hands, these crafts can serve as a great activity and opportunity to sharpen your crafting skills.

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    Easy Paper Snowmen Ornaments

    Paper snowmen
    Red Ted Art

    Celebrate winter with your children by making these adorable paper snowmen. Your kids will love this craft! The snowmen ornaments may look complicated to make, but they're quite simple. Just glue paper circles together to form a large and small paper snowball. Stack the short ball over the large one and glue together. You now have a snowman!

     Easy Paper Snowman Ornaments from Red Ted Art

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    Paper and Glitter Noel Christmas Card

    Noel Christmas Card
    The Spruce Crafts / Rita Shehan

    Give your friends and family an exceptional handmade card this year with our simple tutorial. This beautiful greeting card is constructed from craft paper, an ornamental snowflake, and red glitter paper. Your recipients will appreciate the time you spent to create something truly unique.

    DIY Paper Noel Christmas Card from The Spruce

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    Birchwood Paper Garland

    birchwood paper snow garland
    ETC Papers

    Make some of the cutest holiday snowflake decorations from birchwood paper. Cut out snowflake shapes and attach them to a string to create a beautiful rustic garland for your Christmas tree.

    Birchwood Paper Garland from ETC Papers

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    3D Paper Snowflakes

    3d paper snowflakes
    Kim Renfro

    Mark the season by making some beautiful three-dimensional paper snowflakes. These lovely snowflakes look fabulous when hung in clusters from a painted branch from the ceiling. The clusters are especially striking when you hang blue, white, and silver snowflakes together.

    3D Snowflakes from Insider

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    Paper Plate Snowman

    paper plate snowman
    Andreja Vucajnk / Easy Peasy and Fun

    When kids are bored, pull out some paper plates, buttons, and other craft supplies and make these delightful paper plate snowmen. This craft is easy enough for even the youngest crafters to make successfully, and everyone is guaranteed to have fun.

    Paper Plate Snowman from Easy Peasy and Fun

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    Paper Roll Penguin Craft

    paper tube penguin
    Andreja Vucajnk

    Transform toilet paper tubes into cute little penguins with craft paper, glue, and googly eyes. Challenge your kids to think of other animals they can make to create their own winter wonderland.

    Paper Roll Penguin Craft from Easy Peasy and Fun

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    The Prettiest Winter Paper Lanterns

    winter paper lanterns
    Lia Griffith

    Brighten up long winter evenings with this lovely woodland-themed paper lantern craft. Place the lanterns on your fireplace mantel, tabletop, or window sills. They have a beautiful glow, adding ambiance to your decor. When you're done using them, fold them flat and store them in an envelope until next year. 

     Make Your Own Winter Paper Lanterns from Lia Griffith

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    Paper Cut Winter Village

    paper cut winter village
    Lia Griffith

    Make Christmas memories for your family with this winter village craft. Make the paper village from plain white cardstock cut on a digital die cutter or make them by hand if you don't have a machine. The village is three layers deep with glowing electric tea lights in between.

    Paper Cut Winter Village from Lia Griffith

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    Paper Christmas Cactus Plant

    paper Christmas cactus flower
    The House That Lars Built

    Paper flowers are a favorite among crafters. This year, why not make a paper Christmas cactus as a gift for your friends who don't have a green thumb? The pretty red and green paper plant will stay beautiful for a long time and it never needs to be watered.

    DIY Paper Christmas Cactus from The House That Lars Built

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    Christmas Paper Office Party Decorations

    paper office party decorations
    The House That Lars Built

    Most of the time, Christmas party decorations are your standard evergreen wreaths, bunting, and ornaments. Brittany Watson Jepsen from The House That Lars Built does it differently. She decided to throw an office Christmas party adorned with handmade decorations using only a single ream of paper. Paper ream holiday decorations are not your standard Christmas decor, but fabulous nonetheless.

     Christmas Paper Office Party Decorations from The House That Lars Built